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Featured Musicians Among Kenalsworld Mercury Turner

Sat down earlier today going into the weekend to listen to a very talented rap artist that have been on my Que to write about and share on the website for a few weeks. It is rare for me to have tolerance or give any mixtape music album a full hour worth of my time to listen to every song by a musician, especially rappers today because almost everything is meaningless and negative. Lately not many rappers have the ability to sustain listeners through a full album or music project. In the mainstream music market specially an album will have two to four good tracks and the rest will be considerably to me “trash”.

Mercury Turner is an invisible rapper that I came across online browsing through Datpiff a mixtape source website. After researching on the artist I could find not much about the rapper except that he is from North Bronx, New York. With no images online and his full intent for listeners is to have them focus on the music he releases or have released; I found the artist to be quite unique.  Below is an interview between the gifted rapper and Bottom Music Radio.

featured musicians mercury turner

Featured musicians mercury turner

Mercury Turner Free Mixtape Is Fresh and Ridiculously Great

The entire mixtape is not what mainstream music artists release because it expresses the artist’s art of music. He delivers a lot of emotion, messages and creative wordplay through his lyrics in the mixtape. Among my favorite tracks from the flowed mixtape from Mercury Turner include “MUTHAFUCKAIMILL”, “Me And The Industry”, and “You & Me”.

Mercury Rising The Mix-Tape

Mercury Rising The Mix-Tape


Mercury Turner – Me And The Industry

This track is an audio visual representation of how the rapper views the mainstream music industry. Bold, strong, vivid, and knowledgeable the song expresses how the artist feels about the music industry, which is known for either enslaving or changing a musician’s persona and character. There is no lie about what the rapper illustrates audibly through the song. As a follower or music and even as a singer/songwriter I found myself in the same mindset with this artist. However, though I still view the industry the same way that he sees the naked truth, my belief is that it also takes a lot to be a well-recognized musician and cost more money than the average person can afford to promote their material.

A lot of rising artists or aspiring musicians are broke to the teeth without a dime. Though the truth is that one can achieve a lot of success without signing a record deal where a label owns practically your soul, it all comes down to what the artist that is seeking recognition definition of “success” is.

Mercury Turner – You & Me

“You & Me” is poetic, full with flow and the direction the artist delivers through the song is very mellow, but as a singer and poet I found this song to be my favorite from the free mixtape from the hip-hop musician.

Mercury Turner Interview With Bottom Music Radio

“Young & Reckless” by Mercury Turner Ft. Frank Ocean

This final track by Mercury Turner is probably the favorite collaboration I have heard from the artist. This should definitely be getting much airplay, but it is one of those treasures that not many know about. The song features vocals by Frank Ocean an artist whose career took off in the past year and a half. Though Frank Ocean was not new to the mainstream music industry. “Young & Reckless” is about the actions along with journey of a young man. The song is directed towards sex, but is not is more poetic and full of artistic expression by the dope hip-hop rapper.

Featured Musicians Among Kenalsworld | Mercury Turner

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Featured Musicians | Mercury Turner The Invisible Rapper


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Featured Musicians | Mercury Turner The Invisible Rapper


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