A Talented Young Visual and Digital Artist Hannah Hartman

Hannah Hartman

A Talented Young Visual and Digital Artist Hannah Hartman

Hannah Hartman

In the current generation traditional art is still highly valued and essential to developing one’s self as an artist. Using traditional art mediums should be something every person that consider themselves artists experience and understand at least the basic principles of. Hannah Hartman is a teenage artist I meet at a fashion show that I covered and shot in the fall of 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska. I was impressed by her traditional painting and piece shown below in the photograph I shot of her artwork at the fashion show.

However, I did not know that she composed digital art aside from painting and drawing using traditional mediums such as acrylic, oil and others.  I found her work unique and very well executed.   As an artist as well I enjoy painting with acrylic, but lately have found myself doing and composing a lot of digital art ass well because it is cost-effective, less messy, and allow my to truly express with the utmost precision whatever idea or concept that is flowing in my mind imaginatively.
Talented Young Visual and Digital Artist

Painting by Hannah Hartman

talented young artist

talented young digital artist

The following digital artworks were composed by Hannah and are among my favorites of her works and some of the artwork she sent when I requested her artwork to be featured on the website. Visiting Hannah’s DeviantArt page I found some also very beautiful photographs by the talented young artist.

Photography is something that almost anyone can create, but it takes a unique set of eyes to composed images that are striking regardless what the subject is. Whether one have a top of the line supermodel posing for them or something as simple as a Christmas ornament or similar to the still life subjects that Hannah captured bellow it have to be done properly. Though there is no specific formula for composing great photography, but understanding the essentials of light, composition, and exposure is quite valuable as well as a big part in creating beautiful shots. The rest all comes from the artist’s eye for beauty and art.

Works by Artist Hannah Hartman

Photography by Hannah


A Talented Young Visual and Digital Artist Hannah Hartman

A Talented Young Visual Artist Hannah Hartman

When asked what inspired her as an artist Hannah responded with the following

“My biggest inspiration that I have had ever since I was little, was nature. In all of its majesty, it’s magic, and its history; I was always entranced by it. Growing up, my favorite books were of adventures, myths, and legends of distant lands, too far me to even comprehend at the time. Growing up surrounded by old English fables and Celtic myths, my love for nature and all things cryptic could only grow stronger. I’ve always been told that magic doesn’t exist, but till this day I believe it does. It lives in the things I create. Every word that I write and in all of my art pieces, right down to the worst first sketch, contains some sort of otherworldly power en-laced in it. Every curl of my paintbrush and every cursive line that appears under my pencil holds a sense of power that makes them special.”

Visit Hannah’s online DeviantArt page to view more of the young artist’s works.

Visit Hannah’s DeviantArt Profile


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