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Blow Flyy

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Born Anthony Grant aka Blow Flyy is a songwriter and Canadian Hip-Hop/ Rap artist from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada. Blow Flyy is an artist that likes to work towards perfection. The music that the artist produces and pens are influenced by his family and passion to create good music. With a unique style in the way he performs his music the artist delivers a new sound and flow to hip-hop through his lyrics and rap rhythm.

Blow Flyy grew up writing poetry of inspiration, love and happiness; this would lead to the original flow and way that he composes his music. The artist likes to refer to his music as Hip-Hop/Pop because of the pop mix he likes to have in his sound. Having been an underground Hip-Hop music scene he took time to study how the music industry has changed and open doors through the Web for independent self financed artists similar to him. He uses the internet to grow & perfect his craft while discovering new things he enjoys writing about, along with finding his niche and the right  genre suited for his new sound, so he could move forwards  in Hip-Hop/Pop music.

Featured Musicians - Blow Flyy

Featured Musicians – Blow Flyy

Featured Musicians | Blow Flyy – Thats My Girl

The following single “Thats My Girl” by Blow Flyy is one of my favorite tracks from the Canadian native Hip-Hop musician. The flow in which he rap and does not necessarily rhyme, but since when did Rhyming every line in a song become the must have for a hot song. I found his persona and way of composing music quite enjoyable. The song is clean, simple, but musical in a way that Hip-Hop is not composed much any more. Today it is almost impossible to find a rapper that does not swear in every line of their songs because majority of them have a difficult time to make good clean music.

Featured Musicians | Blow Flyy

Now his music without much profanity is like a breath of  fresh air; his sound is relevant & universal with a basic appeal to music listeners world-wide. He gives his fans and music listeners world-wide a basic touch of what sounds are hot & relevant. In addition he pens music that illustrates a story and direct listeners to be inspired the words and positive vibe of his music.

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Blow Flyy | Canadian Hip-Hop Musician

Blow Flyy

Blow Flyy

Featured Musicians | Canadian Hip-Hop Musician Blow Flyy

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Featured Musicians | Canadian Hip-Hop Musician Blow Flyy
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