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Mookie is an Italian American Hip Hop musician and record producer raised on Long Island, New York and later in Tampa, FL. Growing up with his boom box regularly tuned to Hot 97, it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to writing and rhyming himself. Despite moving to the South, Mookie’s style stayed true to his East Coast roots. By the age of 12 he had already found himself rapping amongst his friends, stating “I think I released 3 CD’s throughout the course of high school… Those are some trying times for a kid so that was when I really turned to writing.”

On The Villain by Mookie

Following receiving submission from the musician for Kenalsworld, I was amazed at the level of talent that he had embedded within him. “The Villain” to some listeners may seem psychedelic or even disturbing, but the conceptual idea and thought being the lyrical composition of the song by the artist is a superb demonstration of his writing ability as well as strong presence through his music.

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Featured Musicians | Mookie The Villain

Though the song is somewhat very much dark in the overall musical direction and its full aspect it is a great song nevertheless. Visiting the artist’s social networks and YouTube channel I found a song that is quite the opposite of the song “The Villain” entitled “Is It Worth It”. With a much more inspiring vibe and message the song also caught my attention and as I designed the featured images and write the blog about the musician I had the song on repeat. Though “The Villain” is quite a great demonstration of lyrical dynamic skills of the rapper “Is It Worth It” is definitely a song many individuals can relate to.

As a singer and songwriter I also found the chorus captivating and very well expressed being the tone and emotion falls in line perfectly with the message behind the rappers words and thoughts.

Featured Musicians | Mookie Is It Worth It

Introducing Mookie Lyrical Rapper

Featured musicians Mookie

Featured musicians Mookie

Featured Musicians  | Mookie

More About Mookie

After high school, Mookie ventured to Florida State University, in Tallahassee, where he put his mic down in hopes of furthering his education. At the same time, Mookie broadened his knowledge of the industry as an intern for G-Unit Promotions. “I might not have been rapping, but I knew that I wanted to be involved in music somehow”. After 2 years, he moved back home to Tampa where he decided to return to music and continue his education locally, stating “I made some bad decisions in Tally and I was so shell shocked about being home and dealing with everything that I felt that I had to write again.”

In May 2009, this translated into his debut album “From Point A to Point B”. “I really wanted to give people an idea of where I came from and what I have been through as an individual”. He followed this up in June 2010 with the release of his sophomore album “It’s Not You, It’s Me”, another concept album that focused more on relationships and highlighted his progress as an artist and as a man. Mookie describes his music as being “alternative & personal” stating, “My music comes from my experiences in life. We’ve all been through a struggle of some sort, I just try to focus on those that I feel others might be able to relate to, these are things that I have either been through or witnessed personally. Everybody needs someone to talk to and instead of turning to a doctor or a therapist, I found one of my own in MIC (mike)”. Mookie has vowed to provide his listeners with a catalog of true-to-life, ever-progressing music. He is currently in the studio working on his third album “Falling on Deaf Ears”, which he hopes to release in the near future.

In addition to being an artist, Mookie has also applied his management and A&R expertise to a growing number of acts. He is also an MBA graduate and a Professional Marketer.

Among Kenalsworld Featured Musicians Falls Mookie

Featured musicians

Featured Musicians | Introducing Mookie The Villain

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