Post-Apocalyptic Erotic Comic Book by John Hochstein


Post-Apocalyptic Erotic Book

Author of Dystopia John Hochstein

It was during the summer of 2012 I sat down with John Hochstein to discuss a recent comic book that he published entitled Dystopia. The book created by the author is an erotic comic book composed by cinematic photography. A process of capturing the moments, actions, and emotion that the actors and actress that illustrate visually what John narrates. With the them being an apocalyptic  theme, but lustful it is something unique in regards to originality.

The Realm SHOVELHEAD STUDIOS, Jimi V Photography, Libertine Realm and Hochstein Arts and Dreams are all the contributing parties that collaborated together to create this unique erotic conceptual book thought out and written by John.  The Libertine Realm feature models that perform for the camera to deliver a cinematic flavored photography. With multiple sequences this book is a visual erotic story expressed with much sexuality, fantasy, but is full with tease. The book appears like it may be pornography undercover, but it is not. There is no nudity illustrated through any of the photographs, but the sexual content is quite provoking.

Marketing The Book

When I sat down with John we also discussed how as a writer the marketing and promotion behind any published book is one of the most difficult process following the completion of the finished product. Discussing over our beverages at Starbucks on a hot sunny day. Promoting the book was the only this left to do for John of his latest published work Dystopia. When I asked John what the most challenging part about putting the project together was his response was “getting everyone together was probably the most challenging part. The writing concept and execution was already in mind and I had no problem with that.” I found it humorous because people are wired differently in so many ways. For some the most difficult part probably would have been writing the book and thinking out a plot that is much clever for readers.

John aside from writing also paints, draws, model, act and does freelance graphic design works. He is also one of the main characters in Dystopia, which is available for purchase online. If you are looking for something enticing, exciting, and creatively lustful to reach Dystopia is a book to consider. It is book with mild fantasies sexually of scenarios that could have happen if there was a post-apocalyptic period on the planet and a few people still survived.

The fact that civilization would no longer be the same would break a lot of barriers and leave the possibilities of anything to occur when it came to people fulfilling their fantasies to taking advantage of each other.

Photos From The Erotic Comic Book

Shots From The Book

Shots From The Book

Purchase Dystopia today

Dystopia Available Today

Dystopia Available Today

Post-Apocalyptic Erotic Comic Book by John Hochstein


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