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I founded Kenalsworld for many purposes and over time the website developed into something bigger than I had imagined. As a musician that was and is always striving myself for success through my music, art and the designs that I created. Everyday or as much as I have the chance and time to write about new artists that I have come in contact with I am pleased to do so. With the help of my business partners I do not only rely on my ears, but also on their ear for music regarding which musicians are featured on Kenalsworld.

As an artist I know how beneficial it is for musicians to have quality interviews, features and supporting content online that help solidify their images as artists. Just as important it is for musicians to have professional and high quality photographs, a well written touching or inspiring biography, and social network links that contribute to them being easily accessible as well as to be discovered online are all important. Through Kenalsworld, which I believe is among the top quality music submissions blogs online I facilitate and boost artists visual presence online as well as put their information in front of my blog audiences and visitors that come from all over the globe.

Top Music Submissions Blogs Kenalsworld Feature Musicians Online

Featured Musician: Eric Genuis

Music Submissions Blogs From Kenalworld Of Eric Genuis

Music Submissions Blogs From Kenalworld Of Eric Genuis

Eric is one of the many incredibly gifted musicians that I have featured on the music blog including past featured musicians that I have had the pleasure to write about. His style and genre of music is classical music and he is beyond skillful as a virtuoso pianist. Upon receiving the submission from this talented musician and watching his live performances along with the ensembles he worked with I was inspired and appreciated his medium through music. Like a visual artist with a palette that creates personal masterpieces Eric creates his musical masterpieces through the piano.

Music Submissions Blogs On Kenalsworld

Music Submissions Blogs Kenalworld

Music Submissions Blogs From Kenalworld

Kenalsworld is always accepting music submissions; any genre is welcome as long as the quality in sound, lyrics and music composition is up to par.

GENRES: Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Country Pop, Pop, Alternative R&B, R&B/Soul, Hihp-Hop and more.

Music Submissions Blogs Featuring Musicians

Music Submissions Blogs On Kenalsworld Done Creatively

Atlanta’s Rising Star Rapper and Young Actor: Pryce

Music Submissions Blogs On Pryce
Pryce is a credible and young talented musician we also received music from his marketing and management team. When I received the forwarded email from my brother Eden I was very impressed by the demeanor and the background of this young artist. His persona and character appeared strong, confident, but also humble. The sound that he delivered through his music was also captivating and full with energy.

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Music Submissions Blogs Kenalsworld Feature Musicians


Submit music to Kenalsworld today by visiting the featured musicians page and following the guidelines for submitting material to Kenalsworld. If you are not an artist and know one that would appreciate an original featured on Kenalsworld please forward their information to us or have them submit their music for a possible feature.

Music Submissions Blogs From Kenalworld

Music Submissions Blogs From Kenalworld

Music Submissions Blogs


Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis – Blogger, Designer, Poet, Musician


Kenal Louis

I am always looking for industry artists,unsigned talents, and independent musicians to feature on my websites. If you have a press release or press kit and you are a musician or know a musician, visit my website Kenalsworld homepage below and on the contact page you will find the submission email to send your (promo music or album/mixtape, biography, and pictures). Looking forward to reviewing your music or content and featuring it on my sites and sharing it will my partners as well. Thank you for reading my post. Support These musicians and let’s start a music Revolution. I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

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Music Submissions BlogsĀ  On Kenalsworld

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Kenalsworld is a source for quality rising musicians, music reviews, quality art & design services, an online presence that showcase the best talents and more. Creative artists in music, visual arts, photography and performers have been featured on the website for the captivating works they create. Interested in being featured on the blog contact Kenal today. Stay tuned for bigger things to come from Kenalsworld.

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