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Indie music can be so beautiful because the music itself for the most part is always full of love, passion, energy and thoughtfully produced sound. Folk Rock and Indie Pop is a genres of music similar to Jazz, Blues, and Classical music that I respect as a music listener and reviewer. Since a child I was raised on music by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Seal and Andrea Bocelli to name a few of the greatest musicians that have graced the earth with their musical presence.The debut of Italian Lake Garda’s musicians Hippie Tendencies, led by the warm voice of the charismatic American singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Simmons has arrived.

The band consists of four prestigious Italian musicians with serious skills (Marco Cremaschini – keys, piano, Cesare Valbusa – drums , Massimo Saviola – electric bass and Christian Codenotti -acoustic guitar and vocals ) and their American co-composer/singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Simmons are “..the magical unexpected mix that make up Hippie Tendencies, a completely original product, full of commercial potentiality…”as the Cantine dell’Arena says. *Verona Feb.14 2010.* Lisa Simmons has lived performed and recorded in France, Holland, England and Italy for the last 20 years and now with her well seasoned band’s band back from presenting their self titled debut as a group, in America (released in February 2010 on the new Italian independent label Penthar Music.) are riding the wave of success their 5 year union has taken them on with performances throughout Europe, performing their original tunes and revisiting covers with their own vision. They are also currently at work on the new c.d. due out in early spring 2013. H.T.’s music resists being categorized. They mix pop with jazz ,throw in some folk and heat it all up with a hearty dose of funk.

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Listen to the gorgeous sound of the band Hippie Tendencies today full with love, energy, joy and passion.
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Coming for Italy The soothing sound from the band brings me back as a blogger and even as a child that used to listen to a lot of indie rock and poppy rock growing up of french musicians and bands. The sound even bring reminiscence of the rock band Chicago that I listened to a lot.

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Honored on December 10th of 2011 the band the band was honored with the award “PREMI SPECIALI TERRITORIO E CULTURA SEZIONE”ARTE , MUSICA E SPETTACOLO” presented by the mayor of Sirmione and the province of Brescia in northern Italy. Touring throughout Italy in 2011 and Spring 2012 found Hippie Tendecies  in Rome and Florence (the goup is also on Lago di Garda in the north of Italia) for some very interesting concerts including one at the famous (oldest jazz club in Italia) Alexanderplatz and the super cool extraordinarily popular youth oriented Beba Do Samba. With a second CD album set for 2013 the band looks to continue to gain musical followers from all over the world.

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