Featured Musicians | Baiyu Enter 2013 With Sound Again

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Featured Musicians Among Kenalsworld

Musicians come from all over the world. Baiyu is a songstress with Chinese background originally from Xiamen, China. This talented female artist now falls among the featured musicians that I recently received a promotional email from; her team is promoting her hard. When one listen to her voice and see her perform her music, why would anyone not show full support to this amazingly talented female artist.

Her first EP which was released in 2010 generated much buzz, received airplay on Hot 97 and numerous college radio stations around the states. Having been picked up by many major press sources such as MTViggy, SoulTrain.com, many blogs and magazines the female are is only solidifying her presence and rep as a true musician.

Entering 2013 with a single entitled “Again” the talented songstress looks to rack even more followers and fans. Her multiple talents surely contribute to why majority of the music by this musician for most part always sound like a ballad filled with emotion expressed through her vocals. They lyrics to “Again” are poetic, full of love, sadness, and with her sweet voice is guaranteed to lure listeners to seek for more music by the musician and become fans for life. Listen to “Again” and download the song by visiting her music sit and stay update with her latest works by following her networks.

Among Kenalsworld Featured Musicians | Baiyu

Among Kenalsworld Featured Musicians | Baiyu


Featured Musicians | Baiyu Enter 2013 With Sound Again

Baiyu - Again

Baiyu – Againa

Falling Among Kenalsworld Featured Musicians | Baiyu

Sing at a very young age, Baiyu has been destined to walk a path and live for music. Inspired by female music icons Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston her passion and desire to perform vocally at the magnitude that these female musicians have began. According to one of her biographies online while singing has always been the core of Baiyu’s creative experience, she also immersed herself in activities outside of music such as dance and theatrical arts. As a model and actress, she has worked with Seventeen Magazine, appeared in four independent films, and was a host for MTVu’s hit show “The Freshmen” for three years.

“Irrespective of her hopes to become an entertainer, she remained focused in her studies, graduating in 2008 from the number one ranked Princeton University; where she was a member of the Black Arts Dance Company and a vocalist for the University’s Jazz Ensemble.”

Featured Musicians | Baiyu

Featured Musician | Baiyu

Featured Musician | Baiyu

Following discovering her free promotional music album Hunter released in the summer of 2012 I was blown away by the very first song that I listened to when I played the project from beginning to the very end. The album started out with “Journey Of Souls”, which is full of much passion, sensuality, and soothing energy that listening to the project I was serenaded by her gently voice as well as vocal performance.

Among the other songs that I found very well penned and performed on the free music album aside from “Journey Of Souls” were “Invisible”, “Hunter” and “Another Lifetime”. The song “Invisible” also featured a very talented male musician as well by the name of Rotimi. The song brought me back to reminiscence to some of my favorite R&B and Soul musicians of the past that were at their prime; artists like Brandi, Mya, Tank, Tyrese, and KC & JoJo. Though the sound that Baiyu delivers is a much more modern feel compared the past sound of the 90’s R&B, but the song full of sharp, harmonies, and sensual vocals by both musicians is truly my favorite from the past music project.

The 13 track music project produced by KQuick, Hal Linton, and Vaughn J as well as mixed by Kevin Odom indeed is a musical project worthy to be exposed all over the web.

Featured Musicians | Baiyu Wallpaper Background Design

Baiyu wallpaper background design 

Baiyu Social Networks

Website: www.BaiyuOnline.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/baiyumusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/baiyuonline

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BaiyuFans

Featured Musicians | Baiyu Enter 2013 With Sound Again


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