The Henry Doorly zoo Photos Shot During Visit by Kenal

henry doorly zoo winter photos

The Henry Doorly zoo Photos From Visit During Winter of 2012

After three  years living in Omaha, Nebraska I finally managed to make my way out to one of the worlds most recognized and top of the line Zoo Exhibits The Henry Doorly Zoo. I visited the Omaha zoo for the first time on December 27ths of 2012. I very much enjoyed the sound and found the jungle and desert dome of the zoo to be very fascinating (the desert dome is the worlds largest indoor desert), well-built and truly why tourist that visit Omaha, Nebraska usually flock the zoo. Its reputation is not all hype and I did not even get to enjoy all of the zoo’s sections or even the cat exhibit, which features the lions and all the similar mammal creatures.

The Henry Doorly zoo Photos of Chimps

The first section we visited was the Jungle which featured hippos, birds, and many beautiful plants as well as trees. Following that visit myself and some friends I visited the zoo with went to view the apes/monkeys exhibit. Since a child I have found monkeys and apes interesting beasts and mammals. Something about them swinging on trees, strong, flexible and mysterious in some sense.

This is a shot of Roger; I just named him Roger because I think he looks like a Roger, a mighty cool chimp. Though I failed to look at the type the primate was I managed to get a decent shot of the beautiful creation.

the henry doorly zoo photos

The Henry Doorly zoo Photos At Aquarium

the henry doorly zoo

The Henry Doorly zoo Photos Shot by Kenal During Visit

Visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium made me feel almost as if I was swimming with the fishes. The aquarium was beautiful and I did not want to leave at all. I took a few shots, but not too many because I wanted to enjoy the visit more than being focused on shooting good shots. Shooting events, models or place I tend to focus on subjects and not enjoy the environment as much.

Omaha Zoo Aquarium photos closeup

Omaha Zoo Aquarium photo closeup

Henry doorly zoo photos

Henry doorly zoo photos



At The Henry Doorly zoo


Omaha Zoo Parrot

omaha zoo photos

The Henry Doorly zoo Photos Shot by Kenal During Visit

I visited only a fraction of the zoo and hope to return soon when I have some spare time and need to relax from work one of these days. Unfortunately during the present time it is winter and it have been snowing. I am one of the least fans of snow and going out in the snow. However, if ever in Omaha drop by the zoo and visit its many marvelous exhibits. Below are the information of the zoo and hours as well as their official website.

Area: 130 acres
Opened: 1894
Mon-Sun 9am–5pm
Phone: (402) 733-8400
Address: 3701 South 10th Street, Omaha, NE 68107
Exhibits: Expedition Madagascar, Berniece Grewcock Butterfly and Insect Pavilion, Desert Dome, Hubbard Gorilla Valley, Hubbard Orangutan Forest, Kingdoms of the Night, Lied Jungle, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Pavilion, Garden of the Senses, Scott Aquarium, Simmons Aviary, Wildlife Safari Park, Cat Complex, Children’s Area, Cheetah Valley, Durhams Bear Canyon, Giraffe Complex, Hoofstock, Lagoon Island, Owen Sea Lion Pavilion, Pachyderm Hill

The Henry Doorly zoo Photos Shot During Visit  by Kenal


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The Henry Doorly zoo Photos Shot by Kenal During Visit

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