Baiyu Drawing Blue Tone With Shaded Color Background

Baiyu Drawing Blue

Baiyu Drawing Blue Tone Done by Kenal

This drawing of Baiyu was composed digitally. For those that do not know Baiyu, she is a musician full of talent, beauty and soul. Her music is true representation of musicality at its finest execution. Upon receiving her latest promotional song “Again” via email by one of her marketing and management companies I noticed a star that is among the many out there. Her music carries so much essence and I believe reflect her as a person as well.

Music like Art can be empty, dull, or plain sometimes; however some musicians surpass those labels and traits. Through her music Baiyu is captivating, emotional, strong, and filled with passion that she express as an artist. Baiyu is also very much talented; she models, write poetry, act and pens musical records.

This drawing of Baiyu is in blue tone with a mulch-colored background. She is a gorgeous woman to view and admire; surely her presence on stage is also phenomenal, if not I would be surprised.

Baiyu Drawing Blue by Kenal

Baiyu Drawing Blue by Kenal

Baiyu Drawing Blue

Baiyu Drawing Blue eyes

Baiyu Drawing Blue eyes

This is a close of her eyes the key to the artist’s soul.

Growing up some of the features that I adored in women were their eyes, lips, smile and skin. There is no doubt that this woman is stunning and with a voice of a star what else can make a woman completely mouth dropping or attractive. Below is her first single released December 31st and January 1st leading into the new year of 2013. Listen to the sound of Baiyu and also read the past featured post I have written about the talented female singer /songwriter “Baiyu Enter 2013 With Sound Again“.

Baiyu Cover Melanie Fiona’s 4AM

Melanie Fiona is among my favorite female musicians that I follow and listen to once in a while along with Michele Chrisette, Kelly Rowland, JoJo, and others. The women don’t all get as huge of praise of pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Beyonce; yet, they all have amazing voices and amazing beauty. “4 AM” by Melanie Fiona is an amazing R&B record and Baiyu’s cover of the song is a superb render of something that was already beautiful well sung by a talented vocalist.

Baiyu Drawing Blue


Wallpaper Composed From Baiyu Drawing

Download this free wallpaper today.

Baiyu Wallpaper

Baiyu Wallpaper Background Design

The following is a free wallpaper background design of Baiyu composed from the drawing of the musician. The resolution is 1600×100 pixels, to download simply left click and open the image then save the file. Enjoy and be sure to visit my portfolio of drawings by click on the banner below, which features some celebrity portraits, abstract art and other original artworks that I have composed.

Baiyu Drawing Blue Tone With Shaded Color Background



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Baiyu Drawing Blue Tone 

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