Fashion Resolution by The Haus of Donna Faye Captured


Fashion Resolution In Omaha

Tiffany Headley is an unbelievably gifted and beautiful fashion designer that I have featured in the past on my photography old blog for her work in the past, that was showcased during the Fall Omaha Fashion Week show that I attended in 2012. Her designs are always chic, clean, classy, and display a reflection of her personality as well. She is a great individual to know and to experience her presence as well as demeanor.

Friday night the 4th of January in 2013 I attended a small show that she put on collaborating her fashion design line The Haus of Donna Faye with the artworks of a Omaha visual artist Reggie LeFlore to bring express a unique combination between art and fashion.

Below is a photo I shot of Tiffany as she discussed something apparently fun and enjoyable with a friend at the Bar 415 where the creative event took place.

Tiffany Headley

Reggie LeFlore is a talented artist that creates these clean and creative stencil as well as vector artwork. Browsing through his Facebook art page I found some of his comic characters and sketches, which were marveling to look at.  I respect this artist’s works; visit his Facebook page below.

Chance Frank and  Reggie LeFlore

Chance Frank (Co-Coordinator Of The Event) and Reggie LeFlore (The Artist)

Fashion Resolution by The Haus of Donna Faye

As mentioned prior Tiffany’s designs are clean, Chic and full of flavor. The designs are not too revealing, but modernly classy and sexy altogether. The designs were mentioned to be for sale; if interested in purchasing any of the designs below or requesting custom tailored designs from Tiffany contact her via her Facebook, website and or email listed below.[at]


Fashion Resolution Model

Fashion Resolution Model

Fashion Resolution Model Kayla Wonder

Fashion Resolution Model Kayla Wonder


More Fashion Resolution Photos


The designs from The Haus of Donna Faye fits perfectly on her as she rocks it boldly and well.

Model and Friend Nancy Pham

Model and Friend Nancy Pham

Fashion Resolution by The Haus of Donna Faye Captured by Kenal

Another beautiful model that represented Headley’s design line at the warm and welcoming bar located in the heart of downtown Omaha Bar 415.

Fashion Resolution at Bar415 In Omaha

Fashion Resolution at Bar 415 In Omaha

Gorgeous Bartenders At Fashion Resolution

The environment was fantastic to experience; Friendly, fun , and photogenic bartenders as well as people all around the bar; they were not even drunk and I found it pleasing to be around them for that reason I plan to visit this bar many times in the near and coming future.

Some Beautiful Bartenders

Some Beautiful Bartenders

Some of Bar 415's Great Personalities

Some of Bar 415’s Great Personalities


Fashion Resolution In Winter

Winter In Omaha

Winter In Omaha

Winter In Omaha

Winter In Omaha

Rarely do I get out during winter season for any reason whatsoever. However, I am very much of a supporter to Tiffany Headley and her design line the Haus of Donna Faye because she is creative and a great talent in fashion as well as art. Again be sure to visit her website and if ever in Omaha, Nebraska stop by the Bar 415 located on South 13th street. The collaborative designs between the two artists were well execute and great to see. Like them on Facebook and follow their latest projects today.

Tiffany’s Website

Tiffany’s Facebook

Reggie’s Facebook

Bar 415’s  Facebook


415 S 13th St

Omaha, Nebraska 68102-2811

Mon-Sun: 8:00 pm – 2:00 am


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Fashion Resolution by The Haus of Donna Faye Captured

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