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Talent is all around and as a subscriber to Atlantic Records I received a music video of one of their latest new musicians that they are promoting and that look forward to making a great impact in 2013. This talented female singer and songwriter is called Sevyn Streeter and though she is not completely new to the game she is looking to take her stand with music that will captivate listeners as well as supporters. Having written music for some of the industry’s top R&B musicians including Chris Brown, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys and Estelle she definitely have the writing ability with much of an ear for music.

Sevyn’s single starting out the year of 2013 “I Like It” is a hit record and display an essence that is true to who she is as a musician. Knowing that she have penned music for Kelly Rowland and Alicia Keys I can clearly see a part of her that I have noticed in some of those past musicians that she have worked with and for.

Sevyn Streeter - I Like It

Sevyn Streeter – I Like It

Sevyn Streeter I Like It A Hit Music Video

Sevyn Streeter I Like It

sevyn i like it song

sevyn streeter i like it video

Sevyn Streeter – I Like It

The single “I Like It” is a hot, uptempo, club, sexy and confident track coming from the slender and beautiful musician. Her music video produced for the song as well as choreography brings me memories of Aaliyah, Kelley Rowland and even Beyonce. The persona Sevyn have as an artist and visual presence at first glance is polished.

As someone who admire musicians that write great music I found the song very well written, but what should be expected from a true songwriter like Sevyn other than good music and a hit record as an artist looking to breakthrough significantly on the charts for her music. Very often I have found that a lot of songwriters have a hard time transitioning into the spotlight or being the main musician promoted and pushed.

Her website mentions that Streeter is in no rush to get the album out as she admits she is a perfectionist. Her moniker is derived from her birthday (July 7) but also references the biblical meaning of perfection and completion. “I’m a perfectionist to a default. I will drive you crazy sometimes. When I’m recording I will try something a trillion times to get it right.

After being convinced by her cousin to put the music she was writing and recording on her own on MySpace – he did it himself after he couldn’t sell her on the idea — she heard from producer Rich Harrison (Beyonce, Amerie, Jennifer Lopez) about a group he was hoping to put together. He would call the group RichGirl. The four-piece had the harmonies of Destiny’s Child, the hard beats of TLC and the sultriness of En Vogue. And while Streeter and the girls built a loyal fanbase with a handful of hard-knocking singles, a number of tracks that leaked online, and a plum spot opening for Beyonce on her 2009 tour, the girls disbanded and their Jive Records debut never got released.

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A Hit Record From Sevyn Streeter

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Sevyn Streeter I Like It A Hit Record From a Hot Artist

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