First Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy Grammy Nominated

arun shenoy Singaporean compsoer

Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy Grammy Nominated

Arun ShenoyAmong Kenalsworld Featured Musicians Fall Arun Shenoy

To be considered the first Grammy nominated producer coming from any country internationally is a big honor and Sigaporean music composer and producer Arun Shenoy. Nominated for 2013 he is considered the best Singaporean music producer and composer. Shenoy nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Album have a strong shot at winning the award at the 55th Grammy Award celebration which takes place in February of 2013 surely will be a big highlight and a major moment in this musicians life. Along side some of the best composers the musician fall in the same category as Chris Botti, Larry Carlton, Dave Koz and Gerald Albright & Norman Brown who are among the best in the industry and none shy of being nominated before.

The Best Singaporean Producer From 2012 Arun Shenoy

Although the competition is fierce because the names also mentioned as nominees have done quite a few work and have more than one past nominations for their work, but with “Rumbadoodle” Shenoy looks to take the crown of victory. Yet, in an interview the musicians stated the following.

“I am delighted that Rumbadoodle has been embraced by the music community and recognized at this pinnacle of excellence. I am humbled by this recognition for my work”

First Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy “Rumbadoodle” Music Video

First Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy

arun shenoy  Singaporean Producer

With a cultural tone and Cuban themed concept the animated for the music video to the song by the music composer is very creative and dramatic. An illustration done by artist and animator T. Nakayama and directed by Robert Capria. Watch the music video to “Rumbadoodle” and witness something musically expresses through art.

First Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy “Rumbadoodle”

arun shenoy grammy award musician

Below are the details surrounding the song and the essence as well as direction behind the context of the sound and tone the instrumental was composed to express.

Recorded over many years across the Globe from Spain to Pakistan, from the UK to Canada, from India to LA and New York, this world fusion debut of Arun Shenoy explores a bold new perspective of the Gypsy Rumba Flamenco. Combining elements of the traditional art form with a myriad of popular music forms, this record is an explorative journey, doodling across genre boundaries as we know it today, creating a unique and true masterpiece along the way. An Arun Shenoy signature; produced, arranged, mixed and mastered in Singapore.

First Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy Grammy Nominated

Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy

Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy

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