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I woke up this morning thinking about what could be…the future

I thought about the past and still saw the future…And it was you

Now I’m counting on my fingers how many times that I said…I love you

And actually meant it…Now I’m thinking about my blessings

They count like this… you, my family, and the life that I’m living

I’m thankful and grateful that you have walked in my life

You are that extra hand that I need to accomplish what I strive for

You are much more than I can imagine that you would be

A little wild…but really kind, you are freak…but I don’t mind

Cause you are mine and I’ve realize all great things take time

Time to build, time to grow, and time to learn

Our relationship is like… a battlefield

It’s dangerous, emotional, and unpredictable

Maybe battlefield isn’t the greatest of similes

But at times I feel that’s the only comparison…at least to us

You want this. You want that. Don’t want this and don’t want that

Regardless of all your mood swings and the craziness I still can’t live without you

This is only a brief description of what’s on my mind right now

I know that it is not  the most romantic of poems, so with this said………I love you


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This is a poem I wrote in 2008 it have been a while since I read it; when I went back to look at some of my poems I noticed this piece I do hope it is a good read. At the time I wrote this poem I was such a lover boy and so much have changed.

Kenalsworld is a world of music, art, and design. However, occasionally I will post some poetry on the blog. Visit my poetry blog category for more reads.


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