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Denmark Musician | Joey Groon On Kenalsworld
denmark musicianJoey Groon similar to myself practice various forms or art; arts in regards to music composition/recording, visual arts in painting, modeling, to photography and videography. The Denmark native and based musicians established Sound Soldier Records at the age of 16, have 5 Charted Singles Including Soul/Pop-hit “She Left Me Again”, model for an agencies in Denmark and Germany as well as work as a fashion model for Berlin agency Pearl Model Management.

There is no doubt that Joey Groon have the looks, charm and the creative ability to captivate many. However, his vocal performances as well as his writing ability allows him to make records that are musical and not just plain music.

I am a firm believer that when you practice various forms of art that it makes you even more polished and appreciate other art-forms even more. In some cases there are those that cannot take on multiple avenues and challenges at the same time, but focus better on one thing to become skilled or successful at. Joey Groon is far from being labeled in the same group as these individuals or musicians.

Below is the very first song by the talented musician “Everyone Wants You” that I heard of Joey Groon by a friend and recent contact Donnie Osborne. Donnie also manages as well as help promote this talented musician. “Everyone Wants You” carry a classic Pop sound that is also funky and express soul. Pop music today don’t always express too much passion, but rather focus fully on the beat or instrumental rather than the vocal performance and lyrics. “Everyone Wants You” is poetic and soulful emotional.

Joey Groon brings a sound that reminds me much of Mr.Mister combining a pop rock with a Luther Vandross soul sound.

Denmark Musician

denmark musician joey groon

Joey Groon – Everyone Wants You

Joey Groon – Everyone Wants You Music Video

Joey Groon – Headlines Across Us

Listen to Joey Groon’s latest and first released work in 2013 “Headlines Across Us.”

Joey Groon – She Left Me Again

According to his biography Joey Groon is the stage-name of Johannes Holt Iversen. It all began as a basement solo project in Aalborg, Denmark for the musician. Johannes Holt Iversen started out recording songs & demo music at the age of 14. He is a multi-instrumentalist & lead-singer that managed to play all instruments by himself at the commencement of his musical and creative career. By the age of 16 he established the record-label Sound Soldier Records, and from this time he made his first official releases. “Me & My One Man Army”, was the first official EP he produced, now available in a special mastered edition, the album marks his earlier career.

Johannes made his Scandinavian Pop-sound as his global trademark, and in 2005-2007 he produced several releases by himself. Johannes received great feedback from the danish music industry & worldwide underground, nominated for several digital-awards & magazine reviews. Achieving any awards reflect his hard-work and persistence as a musician to strive for success.

In 2010 he released his EP “Music Is Fashion” with an official sponsorship by recognized fashion company Tiger Of Sweden. From late 2010 and the beginning of 2011, Johannes Holt Iversen began his career as a fashion model, freelancing for the Danish agencies Diva Models and Danish Models International, while having freelance modeling possibilities for Pearl Model Management in Germany.

His unique Scandinavian Pop-music is now available in digital stores worldwide. And there is more to come. Just sit down and be carried away to the sound of Joey Groon

Denmark Musician Joey Groon

joey groon denmark musician

Denmark Musician On Kenalsworld


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For Booking & Press regarding Joey Groon

Follow Joey Groon online at the following networks and for live performance booking around Europe or internationally contact the email below.

Donnie Osborne | donnie.osborne@gmail.com

Facebook.com: www.facebook.com/joeygroon
Twitter.com: www.twitter.com/joeygroon
Myspace.com: www.myspace.com/joeygroon
Official Label website: http://www.joeygroon.com


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