Justin Bieber Drawing In Line Composed by Kenal Louis

Justin Bieber Drawing

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line Composed by Kenal

The following drawing is the second drawing I have composed of the following musician Justin Bieber. A child star that have developed to a grown musician; though the spotlight have not died and continue to latch on to Justin, he still works to create hit music. I have always been a fan of Justin Bieber; I never got why people will follow others and the media based on their opinions and assumptions about celebrities and public figures.

It does not make sense to assume anything about a musician like Justin unless one actually have a personal relationship with them. I have learned to sit back observe and generate me own ideas with an open heart about any individual. Famed for “Baby” and later many other tunes that I consider good like “Love Me” or “Somebody To Love”. Honestly the music was always good, but people choose to follow whatever is the trend. If the trend are “likes” they will “like”, but if it is hate than they will hate… Which is very primitive. An example is Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, which went viral because of hate.

However, forget my little rant let’s focus on art. Below is the second drawing I composed of the talented and much exposed musician Justin Bieber.

Drawing of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line Composed by Kenal Louis

The following detail was added above the eyebrows with the artist’s name as a new signature addition/element that I add to the artworks that I have been creating. This line style all started from a fashion art collection that I began to created following attending Omaha Fashion Week in Nebraska during the fall of 2012. Since then creating these almost abstract artwork I have found fun, not too overwhelming, creative and unique.

I have seen many artworks in the past by some of the best traditional and digital artists that are currently alive and I never ran into something as unique as I have developed. Hopefully the world will grow to appreciate the artwork while I am still alive and not long after I have passed away from this earth.

Justin Bieber Drawing Eyes

Justin Bieber Drawing Eyes

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line



Justin Bieber Drawing Sketch


The following drawing of Justin Bieber can be purchased for print on canvas and in standard print as well. It is the second celebrity portrait I have created in the style with the color scheme that I also set and developed in 2012. Being original, creative and proficient is something I value much in my work. The price for acrylic print on canvas range from $85.00 to $510.00 varying on the size of the print requested.

Link to purchase the Justin Beiber Drawing In Line

Justin Bieber Drawing And Micheal Jackson Set

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line Composed by Kenal Louis

Justin Bieber Drawing In Line Composed by Kenal Louis

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Justin Bieber Drawing In Line Composed by Kenal Louis

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I Love Justin bieber. He is so sweet!

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