Poetry | Only After Three Thousand Years Our journey Ended

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As I lay my head on my pillow closing my eyes she appears,
Though only in my imagination I feel her thin lips kissing mine;
Her scent also comes to memory as I flow my hands through her hair,
Like light thin silk it flows through my fingers;
Reminiscent of her smile my neuron cells trigger a mental motion picture,
Cinematically playing the times we enjoyed together for a short moment;
I started to realize my heart was being removed from my chest,
Tears started to fall out of her eyes, for her heart wasn’t ready to join mine yet;
Only After three thousand years our journey ended so I felt lugubrious for a short time,
However, wisdom and divine love comforted me to be at peace with this situation;
No longer melancholy, but joyful again,
My heart smiled again with ease;

Poetry | Only After Three Thousand Years Our journey Ended

After a breakup of something I thought might have been real in 2012 I wrote this poem inspired by the situation and my thoughts at the time. Love is such a mystery that no one, but God have the answer and full grasp to. A man’s idea of love is shaky, but His love is the most pure and stable true form of love. The poems I write are visualization combined with creative thoughts along with metaphors and similes to express my thoughts in fullness for readers to feel the emotion I intend for each written piece to convey.

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Only After Three Thousand Years Our journey Ended


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I am a poet, songwriter, and blogger among other things. I started writing poetry at the age of 14 because there were a few girls I liked that inspired me to write something sweet like a love poem for them. Poetry like Art is a big part of my life and I am glad to be able to share it with my blog viewers and potentially the world. Poetry like music sometimes can touch one’s soul and expresses a persons thoughts and feelings as much as music does. I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

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