Orange County Fashion Week In Pursuit of Creative Fashion

orange county fashion week in cali

Orange County Fashion Week To Start 2013 Big

Following attending the local fashion event in Omaha, Nebraska my passion and interest in fashion grew even more. In the fall of 2012 for the first after three years living in Nebraska I attended the Omaha Fashion week; this led me to write many blogs/articles about some of the very talented fashion designers around town and neighbor cities. Recently I made contact with the President of luxury travel company Hauteoc Inc. and Orange County Fashion Week℠ Director of Marketing Kathryn Marino.

orange county fashion week

Orange County Fashion Week In Pursuit of Creative Fashion

In the interest of some of the fashion designers that Marino came across when she stumbled upon the website. The direction was looking for talented designers for the Orange County Fashion Week event set to commence March 19th through the 24th in 2013. The event is supported by the Orange County Fashion Association, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing events and programs to educate, promote and support the local fashion industry and its emerging talent according to their website.

The online home of the OC Fashion Association  also states “We have always been in the pursuit of fashion in all of its integrity, embracing designers of all talent level and with an appreciation of their craftsmanship, without any speculative criteria for relying on resources that come too easily by way of 5 minutes of fame. Instead we chose to dedicate our advocacy in the integrity of goodwill and hard work representative of all fashion designers in the pursuit fashion as a way of recognizing those that have broke ground and for those that are yet to be.”

Orange County Fashion Week In Pursuit of Creative Fashion

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Orange County Fashion Week March 2013

The following are photographs captured by some very talented photographs that were associated with the Orange County Fashion Week that have been featured on the main website of the organization by some also skilled fashion designers.

As a photographer and visual artist the respect that I have for those that create unique, captivating, chic, and trendsetting designs is very high. I am hoping to cover the Orange County Fashion Week as a photographer in the near future whenever the opportunity presents itself because of the structured and orderly organization that have been taken place make it among the best Fashion Week events in the states.

Also as a firm believer in growth and development surely the event will only continue to grow bigger and expand in publications as well as media.

orange county fashion week featured

Orange County Fashion Week In Pursuit of Creative Fashion

Be sure to visit the Orange County Fashion Associate and OC Fashion Week online at the following websites along with HAUTEOC.

For questions, applications and other info, please contact
Address: 177 Riverside Ave. Ste. F #1037, Newport Beach, CA 92663 USA

OC Fashion Association Website:

OC Fashion Week Website:

OC Fashion Association Twitter:

OC Fashion Association YouTube:

HAUTEOC Website:



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