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Flowers Boom Just Like Our Hearts Can by Kenal Louis

You wake up one day inspired to write something life changing or that is at least inspiring and you do it; This poem inspired by my faith and belief is something that is part testimony on my part and my willingness to let myself be used or sacrificed in a way to showcase as well as share something much greater than myself. That something being the invisible God that exist in a realm unseen. The following power is about examining oneself and believing in something else that can help our hearts grow as humans.

Flowers bloom just like our hearts can

Flowers bloom just like our hearts can
If we’d pick up the book that’s sitting by our nightstand
Contemplating on things that are just vanity
We all need to advance forward from our insanity
The things we clang to hold on to
While we claim that we live for you
Never letting go of the ones that hurts us or threat us
Holding on to grudges yet we know that our hearts our heavy
Saying that we need blessings but we are not truly ready
Nagging you, while we need to adjust ourselves
Calling you, because you’re the sole source of a help
Demons may attack, but they can’t lay a finger on me
I’ve covered by a blood that was shed on 32 A.D.
You need a sacrifice, well here’s my life take control
I’ll be the character if you take control of this video game called ‘life’
Lord you can have my life
For I know heaven is where I am heading because of Christ


Flowers Boom Just Like Our Hearts Can


Kenal  Louis

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Kenal Louis

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