MandoPop singer Jolin Tsai Sings I 蔡依林 | 我

jolin tsai music i

MandoPop singer Jolin Tsai Sings I 蔡依林 | 我

Jolin Tsai is one of China’s biggest female pop stars. I happen to be a fan of Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 because of her sweet and beautiful voice as well as the wonderful love ballads that she have composed with the help of some of China’s best songwriters along with music producers. I first discovered her music a little over two years ago just before I covered one of her songs entitled “Tian Kong” 天空. It took me 2 weeks to learn the full song, but never the less I did it. Mandarin is one of the many languages I am fascinated by and hope to one day be fluent in speaking and understanding.

After I finished the song cover I had one of my Chinese friends listen to the song and my pronunciation of the tones to hear if I landed them correctly and she said yes. My passion and admiration for international musicians such as Jolin Tsai or even some of the KPop music groups and artists is very big. Since I was little I had always found a fascination with the Asian culture from romance as martial arts films growing up as a child in Haiti.

Listen to the Jolin Tsai song entitled 我 “Wǒ” meaning (I) below.
jolin tsai I

MandoPop singer Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 | 我

The song by Jolin Tsai is a sweet song and slightly emotional piece by the musician. Though I am not fully sure what the entire song translates to in English I know it’s about her and in internal conflict. There are times I have listened to music in Korean or Spanish and did not know the meaning of the song, but the lyrics and the melody told me the story that I needed to know or feel. As an aspiring musician as well I hope to one day touch others through my music and have them feel the emotion I want to also share.

MandoPop singer Jolin Tsai Sings I 蔡依林 | 我
jolin tsai

MandoPop singer Jolin Tsai Sings I 蔡依林 | 我

Here is my cover of the past Jolin Tsai song that I enjoyed and sung.

jolin tsai music
蔡依林 我


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MandoPop singer Jolin Tsai Sings I 蔡依林 | 我

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