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The following band is a country singer/songwriter duo called Belles and Whistles that I recently discovered online while looking for talented musicians from the Midwest to write about.

As a lover of many genres of music I found the music duo from Omaha, Nebraska Jaymie Jones and her daughter Kelli to be quite unique in their rendition of “River/ White Christmas” as well as their single “Boy Like You”.  According to their website  bellesandwhistlesmusic.com Jaymie has collected from nearly two decades in the music business (formerly with the band Mulberry Lane) and expressing Kelli’s vibrant enthusiasm for the twists and turns of her journey that are yet to come. Their songs articulate their collective belief that the most admirable heroes and heroines are equally shaped by the joyfulness and the ache of a real life well lived, anchored in love.

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Belles and Whistles

Belles and Whistles

Featured Musicians | Belles and Whistles “Boy Like You”

Belles and Whistles “Boys Like You” Music Video

Belles and Whistles Interview With Kenalsworld

Read the following thoughts and words from the duo.

Belles and Whistles

What drives the band to make music and how did you start with music?
Since the band is made up of me (Kelli) and my mom, we have different stories to tell. I grew up watching my mom and her sisters write, record and play in her previous band, Mulberry Lane. I always had music and harmony around me, so it seemed natural to me to express my thoughts and emotions in music. When my mom started a country solo project, I asked to be her backup singer when I was 13. Then, when I was 14 we became a duo, and now that I’m 15 we’ve recorded a full album, “Belles & Whistles.”

Who are some of the musicians that inspire your musical work?
We are inspired by Mumford & Sons, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert , The Judds and Dolly Parton. We’re also inspired by great women songwriters like Carol King, Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morissette.

How did the inspiration for your latest project come about?
Our LP “Belles & Whistles” we have been writing, for over the past year. We wanted to express our different perspectives, and where we are in our lives, and somehow I think we created a thread of honesty and commonality . Some of the songs reflect my age, like “Boy Like You” and “18 & Free.” I sing lead on these. Some reflect my mom’s experiences, like “Rain”(a regional finalist in the Mountain Stage New Song Competition) and “Common Woman.” Then we have some songs that tell real stories of people, like “Shepherd” and “Right Side of Dirt.” We wrote a lot of songs, and with our producer, Don Gehman, we chose the songs we think are most relate-able and interesting, and show off our harmonies.

What can be expected from your music as a listener?
I think you can expect honesty and handmade songs. Every song is rooted in our life experiences. We hope to make you feel like you can find yourself in our music.

What is your number one goal with your most recent project(s)?
Our single, “Boy Like You” is getting regional airplay in the Midwest on country radio. We hope to expand that airplay, and also to keep touring and playing to build our fan base. We also continue to write and demo new songs.

When you are not writing music or singing what are some things you enjoy doing?
For me, being a sophomore at West-side High School in Omaha, when I’m not playing with Belles & Whistles, I’m mostly studying and participating in show choir at school. I really appreciate all the support my friends have given me. My mom is always writing and working on music, when she isn’t doing normal mom stuff. We both would like to inspire women of all ages to go for their dreams.

Featured Musicians | Country Music’s Belles and Whistles
Belles and Whistles

Belles and Whistles On Kenalsworld

Belles and Whistles Social Networks

For booking information, contact Liz at management@bellesandwhistlesmusic.com. Be sure to visit the following networks below of the country music duo.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BellesWhistlesMusic

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BellesWhistlesMusic

Kelli Twitter:www.twitter.com/kikibella11

Jaymie Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaymiejones

Website: www.bellesandwhistlesmusic.com

itunes: www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/belles-whistles/id578428843

Featured Musicians | Country Music’s Belles and Whistles


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Featured Musicians | Belles and Whistles

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