Poetry Blog | When I kiss you Poem Written by Kenal

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Poetry Blog | When I kiss you Poem

Writing poetry is something that sparked in my at towards the end of junior high/middle school. What would begin as an attempt to write a girl that I liked at that time a love poem to express how I felt about her would turn into something I had much passion and admiration for; poetry itself.

Kenalsworld Poetry Blog | When I kiss you

When I kiss you my soul jumps for joy at the moment
Pleased with your tongue as it speaks to my tongue
A kiss is that fix you often fiend
Let me always be the one to supply your need
A dealer of love constantly giving you that kiss you crave
Your body language speaks to me as my tongue goes down your neck
My hands make way from your hips to your inner thighs
Seduction performed with the art of our lips and eyes
We speak a fluent language with our tongues
Your taste is tangible and so inspiring
Arousing my five senses to a point beyond words
When I kiss you my soul caresses yours
Loving one another beyond the physical is something we control
A psychic connection we have once our mouths make contact
Your lips are thin and mine are full
A perfect match for each other when we express our feelings kissing
My soul kissing your soul what can be more divine
This passion and affection we have must always be balanced
Managed because I want a lifetime of romance with you
Imagine 50 years from now the stories we’ll have to tell our children
When I kiss you my soul kisses yours
When I kiss you my soul blush

Poetry Blog | When I kiss you Poem Written by Kenal

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Poetry Blog | When I kiss you Poem Written by Kenal

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