Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer In Omaha Nebraska

photoshoot on a farm

Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer 2012

In the summer of 2012 I shot with an absolutely beautiful woman, model and photographer by the name of Chelsea Hannah Nielsen who also owns her own photography studio/business CNielsen Photography. We shot on a local farm called the Wenninghoff Farm located in North Omaha. Of course at that time there was no snow and everyday was beautiful with the suns rays and the light created by God.

Below is a photograph I shot while on the farm earlier that day awaiting for Chelsea to arrive for the photo-shoot. I walked around for a few minutes prior to us shooting together as captured the following plowing tool. As I am not a farmer or expert in agriculture I cannot give the name of the tool, but I believe it was worth capturing and is one of those subjects/objects that are around the farm that I was fortunate to notice and capture.

Photoshoot On A Farm by Kenal

photoshoot on a farm omaha

Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer With Chelsea Nielsen

The next photograph is of a barn-house that was holding the chickens on the farm at the time of the shoot and I used it as a background because I loved the paint, look and feel of the house. I believe it was indeed a great fit for the shoot and look forward to possibly shooting on the farm again in the future. Hopefully in due time I can repay the owners for their kindness in letting me shoot on the farm and capture some photographs that I hold dear.

photoshoot on a farm omaha

Photoshoot On A Farm

photoshoot on farm

Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer

These two photographs are of the beautiful Ms. Chelsea Nielsen that posed for me and was unbelievably well to work with. Her precision and discipline in following direction as well as being free/open to interact with me to make the shoot flow and interesting was key to the photographs composed.

Chelsea is also a phenomenal photographer when she is not posing to be captured as a subject. Hopefully we will have more shoots in the future together.

Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer In Omaha Nebraska

model photoshoot on a farm

Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer In Omaha Nebraska


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Photoshoot On A Farm In The Summer In Omaha Nebraska

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