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MPH On My Block

Featured Musicians | MPH On My Block To Deliver Truth

Finding the right talent that captivate you as an individual, musician or music lover is not always easy. As a blogger I come across all sorts of talent online and sometimes receive emails from all varieties of talent from rock musicians, hip-hop, r&B, pop and more. This recent artist MPH short for “Man Praisin Hard” is an inspirational rapper that compose music and write expressing his faith as a believer in Jesus Christ along with writing music that send messages of inspiring as well as encouraging others.

There only a few inspirational and positive rappers that have gained much recognition for their works; the likes of Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, and Lecrae among others who have paved the way for many individuals who have set their minds on making music for the “non-believers”. I am not a fan of religion or overly religious persons, but I admire what these musicians are doing because rather than make Jesus music for Christians who should know better they write to inspire those considered lost, untouched and children of the world.

Kenalsworld Introduce MPH

Inspirational Hip-Hop Artist

mph on my block mixtape

Man Praisin Hard

His website and other sources state “Few artists are willing to promote themselves in an unpopular fashion. With the immense amount of love shown to artist who promote violence and sexual promiscuity, the role of “Christian rapper” is very unappealing. But 19-year-old M.P.H. is not afraid. Inspired at the age of 8, the rapper from Atlanta began writing and producing his own music. This naïve experimentation proved to be the starting point of a ministry which would continue throughout M.P.H.’s college and adult life.”

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As a person that believe we should lead others to the right path when opportunity presents itself support this musician because of the direction and message in his music. In one of the lines in the song “On My Block” he mentions “my ministry has left the church… It was time I took the gospel to the devil’s turf.” This is a boldness that not a lot of people understand or take overboard when they  believe that they can reach a lost soul without having “love” in their hearts for the one considered lost.

ARTIST: MPH (@ManPraisinHard)
SONG: On My Block
DIRECTED BY: Nick Beauregard (@NickBeauregard)

Featured Musicians | MPH On My Block

MPH On My Block Deliver A Message of Truth & Inspiration

mph on my block mixtape

mph on my block mixtape


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MPH On My Block Deliver A Message of Truth & Inspiration
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