Chrisette Michele Charades Music Video From Mixtape

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele Charades Music Video on Kenalsworld

Chrisette Michele is a very talented female songstress and vocalist that I have featured and written about on Kenalsworld for her free musical project mixtape released late in 2012. To read the past feature on the musician read “Chrisette Michele Audrey Hepburn R&B Mixtape Brings Fire” in the post I mention the following about the original version of “Charades” which featured 2 Chainz.

Michele brings a phenomenal demonstration of experience and the total fullness of great vocal control. “Charades” one of her songs featuring rap artist 2 Chainz is something that should be playing on the radio and in the top 10 R&B charts. It is almost sad listening to this beautiful music, but knowing that this is a free mixtape and music project. Her talent is nothing new or at its beginning. The artist has several years in the music industry as a vocalist and songwriter.

Chrisette Michele Charades

Chrisette Michele Charades

Chrisette Michele Charades

Chrisette Michele Charades Music Video

Chrisette Michele Charades Music Video From Mixtape

As a man that appreciate a woman that can sing and also carry much beauty I find Michele almost irresistible to listen to as a person that love music and grew up listening to R&B and Soul music.  “Charades”is sexy and a classy record; the music video to the song express the same features and demonstrates the talent that this gifted singer and songwriter have as a musician.

Chrisette Michele Charades song

Chrisette Michele Charades Music Video From Mixtape

Chrisette Michele Audrey Hepburn:

An Audiovisual R&B Mixtape Wallpaper Design

Chrisette Michele wallpaper background

Chrisette Michele Audrey Hepburn wallpaper background

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Chrisette Michele Charades Music Video From Mixtape

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