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After one goes through a break-up finding oneself or something to console you can be difficult and take sometime to get over whether you are a man or a woman. Some try to hide the fact they are bothered, but I myself have never been one to hold anything in because I believe if it is not released one day it will explode.

Love can be such an emotional thing for some more than others. The following poem I have featured on the poetry blog section of Kenalsworld is entitled “My Heart Caused My Mind To Be Bothered”. I find writing as a medium for me to express the way I feel about certain things either through music or poetry.

My Heart Caused My Mind To Be Bothered

My heart caused my mind to be bothered

Though to my brain it offered a sincere form of apology

Now when alone my mind falls in a state of soliloquy

Echoing onomatopoeia to express how I presently feel

Repeating a bit of my life’s previous chapters

My heart is grateful to have escaped a future internal disaster

Almost lost my soul and if I did there would be nothing left after

Love is beautiful, but can also sometimes appear to be ugly

Love turning to pain is something not too pleasant to experience or see

My heart cause my mind to be bothered so I threw it in the sea

So it currently floats at sea, even though it is still close enough for me to reach

Now when alone all my daydreams are glimpses of her

My heart cause my mind to be bothered

But my father told me “not for too long because this isn’t the final chapter that I wrote”

As troubling as it is I do my best not to carry on with a false smile

I walk in life looking to avoid a future disaster

My heart is still here, but hopes to never face an internal natural disaster

A Heart attack cause by love would be the most painful

Leading to the end of my life’s novel

Poetry Blog | My Heart Caused My Mind To Be Bothered

Poetry Blog | My Heart Caused My Mind To Be Bothered

Poetry Blog | My Heart Caused My Mind To Be Bothered


Kenal  Louis

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Kenal Louis

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Poetry Blog | My Heart Caused My Mind To Be Bothered
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