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Poetry Blog | My Life Sought Remedy

During a period of time all I write were faith-based poems and poetry inspired by the thoughts I had at the moment as well as processed regarding my faith. As a person that believes in the existence of angels as well as demons I sought to step into a deeper level of understanding and moving in the Spirit. I sought the supernatural in a way by fully focusing on faith and developing my relationship with God. This birthed many poems including this called “My Life Sought Remedy”

My Life Sought Remedy

My life sought remedy is to die in this flesh
Daily purifying and releasing what kept me captive
Strongholds, chains, and spirits untamed locked and put way in God’s forgiving chest
That I may receive what God freely give and that I may be abundantly blessed

Holy Spirit manifesting, tongue talking, and fire calling man of God
I don’t want to be less than that to my brother’s and sister’s who watch me
For I would be disappointed if God accused me of Heresy and of Fraud
Therefore I give myself a way that His spirit would truly dwell and be

That my soul which is his breath would shine and light for His glory
While I dialed His supernatural telephone interceding for the ones that I love
For thine heart wants to love and help the sick and the ones that are so weary
Patiently waiting for His response like Noah waited for the dove

A sign that’s what I need, many miracles are what I seek
I cannot lie I want to see Thou power unleashed
Supernaturally harvesting over my friends and family
Healing, blessings, anointing displays and revelations
I want my fellow loved ones to be known as God’s nation

This is my psalm, my song and my letter for your grace
Thanking you for your Son that you sent though I brought only disgrace
Hoping that you will arise and show me more renowned favor
That as I walk in this faith that one day I will know my savior

Poetry Blog | My Life Sought Remedy Poem


Soldier of Faith Poem Book

Soldier of Faith Poem Book


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Poetry Blog | My Life Sought Remedy

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