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Some musicians have the power to captivate you with the very first word that they pronounce through their music by their voice, presence or tone. That is true about an artist named Betsey Long that I recently was graced to experience for the first time musically.  With her Gemeni album on itunes March 5th, 2013 I was blessed with the opportunity to be among the first few blogs to write about the album and the artist’s latest music project.

From the album the first song I heard “Remedy” lure my heart and ears to the musician’s works. With much vocal control and demonstrated dynamic vocals; talented singer Betsey Long also stole my heart as a music lover with her performance in “Wake Up Next To You” and “Share The Moonlight” all with a hint country and soul mixed to form what I consider to be mellow ballads by the songstress. Experience the sound that I fell for by this artist via her website www.betseylong.com.

The songwriting by the singer along with whoever contributed to the production of the music is classy, sweet, soothing and simply beautiful. Listen to the sound of Betsey Long.

Betsey Long

Betsey Long

Betsey Long

According to her biography the musical artist have an entrancing voice capable of stratospheric melodic arcs, a quirky and vibrant personality and the dedicated focus of a serious songwriter: Meet Betsey Long, a pop chanteuse extraordinaire whose free-wheeling sense of adventure and vibrant energy signals the imminent arrival of a compelling new artist.

Concurrent with her career writing for other artists, she was signed to a deal. While she is grateful for the experience of tracking her initial indie project, she notes that the musical vision was not exactly of her making. “I am grateful for the lessons,” she says, “but I always felt like I was a California girl at heart.”

While the term “star quality” might seem a bit of a Hollywood cliché, as applied to Betsey Long it seems an undeniable truth. Maybe it is a coincidence that she shares a birthday with Marilyn Monroe, but like the legendary diva, she is fearless, fabulous and ready for her close-up. Betsey Long moves into the spotlight. Let the music begin.

Betsey Long – Gemini

The album Gemini perfectly follow the title because of the two distinct and different sounds the album expresses. Showcasing her diversity in music composition the “blue” aspect of her album is soulful, sweet, and melodic; while the “pink” side to the album features a sound that is more pop and dance. With “Valentine” being my favorite in the pop features on the album I proudly support this musician. After listening to “Valentine” who would not want to be her valentine?

Purchase Gemini On iTunes

Betsey Long Gemini

Purchase Betsey Long’s Gemini Album

Some of the praise that have gone towards the musician:

“…one of the best vocalists to be featured on Kings of A&R. I am now a
loyal follower of Betsey’s.”
– Jaimie O’Neal

“Shes something special!”
– Michael Omartian (Producer)

“Betsey Long is an extremely talented singer/songwriter whose voice resembles a mix of Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Beyonce. It is truly a pleasure to work with such a gifted musician and singer.”
– Jennifer Adan (Songwriter)

“A true pro!”
– Chuck Ainlay (Sound Stage Studios)

“The project came off without a hitch. We just built the production around Betsey’s wonderfully unique and beautiful voice and her effective pop songwriting style.”
– Brett Vargason (Zodlounge)

Betsey Long Social Networks/Sites

Be sure to follow the musician online for more news, updates and releases from the beautiful as well as talented songstress.
Website: www.betseylong.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/betseylongmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/betseyLong


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