Fashion Designer Caine Westergard Designs Casual Chic

Caine westergard designs

Fashion Designer Caine Westergard Designs Casual Chic:

Having admiration for creative artists in many genres is something that I take to heart. Covering Omaha Fashion Week’s Spring 2013 fashion shows was something I had at heart since the last fashion show held in the Fall of 2012 because I missed a lot of great moments and captures because it was my first time experiencing something so beautiful and well orchestrated by the Omaha Fashion Week team. I looked forward to attending the shows to document by way of photography capturing stunning fashion designs and gorgeous models to share with the world through Kenalsworld.

Omaha, Nebraska have not been known in the past for primarily fashion nor entertainment, but surely in no time that will chance. Omaha Fashion Week is growing to be the Midwest’s most highlighted event and is only going to continue to get bigger and better. Though Insurance, Business, Agriculture and Art have much recognition in Omaha; it is only a matter of time before it is known for the creative talents that the city have welcomed and showcased.

Caine Westergard Designs Casually Chic

Caine Westergard Designs

Caine Westergard Fashion Designs

Audrey Giambattista Wears Collections by Caine Westergard

Audrey Giambattista Wears Collections by Caine Westergard

Audrey Giambattista looks stunning and compliments the beautiful dress by Caine Westergard during the Ready To Wear fashion show.

One of the designers featured at the Spring Ready To Wear fashion show is called Caine Westergard. Her line and collection is  Collections by Caine Westergard; she have much talent similar to the other designers, but her design showcased for the Evening/Casual Wear were simply casual chic. Visit and “like” Westergard’s Facebook page, which features her work in support of the simple and classy designs by the fashion designer.

Kayla Parker (left) and Audrey Giambattista (right)

Kayla Parker (left) and Audrey Giambattista (right)

Words & Thoughts of Fashion Designer Caine Westergard

I went on to ask Caine the following questions regarding her designs and her inspiration to compose the styled clothing that she does and she responded with the following responses.

How long have you been designing clothes or creating artistic things?

The art of sewing is something that has been in my family for several generations. My great-grandmother taught my grandma, my grandma taught my mom and my mom taught my sisters and I how to sew. Being a part of the 4-H program, I had to opportunity to express myself through clothing design as early as fourth grade. Each year I learned how to sew with different fabrics or a new trick and by the time I was in high school I was designing and sewing my own clothes without the use of a pattern. 4-H helped me take my passion for textiles and design and choose to study Apparel Design: Creative Design and Entrepreneurship at Iowa State University.

What drives your imagination/creativity in the designs you compose?

The creativity and imagination behind my designs comes from everything around me. Growing up on a farm, living with 116 girls in my sorority, studying abroad in Paris for four months and interning during Paris Fashion Week all contribute to my inspiration! Using my unique life experiences and my target market’s wants and needs, I design for a fun and confident lifestyle. I would define my style as “simply elegant” and I love clean, classic looks that girls around my age can wear and feel comfortable and confident with themselves. My inspiration for my Spring 2013 collection was sailboats; the colors, the movement of the water and sails and the canvas the sails are made out of. Using these elements, I chose sheer chiffon fabrics that would move freely as the models took to the runway. I found a great chevron print on a duck fabric that represented the heavier canvas fabric of the sails and I incorporated this into several of my skirts. Instead of using the over popular red, white and blue nautical theme, I chose a softer pallet of sky blue, wine, silver, olive-green, navy blue and faded orange. Using chevrons instead of the common stripe and this enhanced color pallet gave my line a completely new and fresh twist to a very popular 2013 trend!

Kayla Parker Representing Caine Westergard at Omaha Fashion Week

Kayla Parker Representing Caine Westergard at Omaha Fashion Week

Kami Buchanan In A Caine Westergard Design

Kami Buchanan In A Caine Westergard Design


Where are you originally from and who inspire you the most as a designer or creative individual?

I am originally from Northwest Iowa where I grew up on a farm with my parents, three sisters and four dogs! Growing up in a rural community where everyone knows everyone and smiling and waving across the street to friends, family and neighbors is not uncommon. For me, I am most inspired to make clothing that girls my age can look great and feel great in. Clothing is the way we express ourselves the most and if we are not comfortable in our clothing than we’re not comfortable with ourselves! Combining unique colors and fabrics to create show-stopping garments is what I am most inspired by!

What are your future plans for your brand over the next few months, year or years to come?

In the next several years I plan to continue showcasing my clothing line Caine by Caine Westergard during Omaha Fashion Week. Using this opportunity as a springboard, I hope to showcase my line in New York or Los Angeles Fashion Weeks to help gain momentum in launching my line Caine fully! Having a new label and a great response from Omaha Fashion Week, I am excited to see what the world of fabric, fashion and fun has to offer!

Fashion Designer Caine Westergard Magnify Art At OFW

Collections by Caine Westergard

Collections by Caine Westergard

Caine Westergard Social Networks and Website

To stay up to par with what Caine is working on visit her website and follow her online via her social networks. To inquire on a design, dress or commissioned piece email or contact Caine through the following information.
Caine’s Facebook page:
Visit Caine’s Website
Email: cainew[at]
Phone: 712.309.6509

Hair and Make-up done by Side Street Styles.

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Collections by Caine Westergard OFW

Collections by Caine Westergard (top) at Omaha Fashion Week


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