Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore’s Record Bones Gives Chills

Ginny Blackmore

Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore:

Her Facebook biography commence with a phrase like the following “Ginny Blackmore is a singer who writes songs so searing they hit your soul instantly.” There is no denying that Blackmore is an incredible songwriter with a gifted voice that is also captivating at the very first tone that she utters through her lips.

With a debuting single entitled “Bones” the musician stamps listeners with a title that is unforgettable and metaphorical in the sense that her music itself have the power to reach one’s heart and soul. Whenever I come across a talented musician such as Ginny Blackmore I become a true fan.

Her page goes on to state that her debut single, “Bones,” written in a painful moment of her love life, drastically altered Blackmore’s journey, transforming a 27-year old struggling singer and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, into one of Epic Records’ most captivating pop newcomers. “The music is as honest as I could make it,” she says. “It’s my perspective on life. I really hope people can hear themselves in it somewhere. That¹s what I care about.”

As someone who grew up listening to writers like Mary J. Blige, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion; I find her music touching, real, and nothing except musical. Her future in being or becoming a name such as these great artists is not far-fetch.

Kenalsworld Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore

Kenalsworld Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore

Ginny Blackmore – Bones

Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore’s Bones To Gives Chills

After taking a journey to London, landing a publishing deal as a songwriter to write for other musicians Blackmore found a dilemma within her heart; the dilemma was that the very songs she wrote she wanted to sing herself. Out of her taking a break from writing for others she penned “Sing For Me” and “Bones”.

Ginny Blackmore bones single

Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore’s Single “Bones”

Having the ability to move others is compelling as a musician and with her record “Bones” along with another deeply personal ballad “Sing For Me” as her calling cards, Blackmore impressed veteran music manager Mark Sudack (Mariah Carey) who signed her on the spot.  Sudack brought her in to songwriter-producer and A&R executive Tricky Stewart  would have worked with musicians such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and others along Epic Records Chairman & CEO L.A. Reid in November 2011.

With an album set to be an emotion filled one Blackmore looks to cause much noise in 2013 as a breakthrough musician and rising entertainer. Inspired by Lauryn Hill, Usher, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson; Blackmore have nothing but promising future as an artist that will not disappoint those that follow her as loyal fans. I have fallen in the line of those that will support this artist on her wondrous journey to the top of the pop/ballad charts very soon.

Ginny Blackmore

Ginny Blackmore

Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore’s Bones To Gives Chills

Ginny Blackmore On Kenalsworld

Ginny Blackmore music

Ginny Blackmore

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Stay updated with her new upcoming music project, singles, news and more by visiting her website as well as following her through Twitter along with Facebook.




Featured Musician Ginny Blackmore’s Bones To Gives Chills


To book the talented songstress contact the following representatives.

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Epic Records

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Featured Musician – Ginny Blackmore

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Judi Fields

Fantastic artist & vocalist. I play Bones over & over. I can’t wait for her album. Her lyrics are honest, real, sweet, sexy, mesmerizingly hypnotic….I can’t say enough! Her voice is beautiful, sweet & sexy too!

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