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Combine the sound of British artist Sade with pop/acoustic musician Colbie Caillat and a musical product as well as talent such as Shannon LaBrie is born. The sound that Shannon deliver through her music is reminiscent of the soul and passion that can be felt in the sound of Sade’s ballads as well as the wonderful voice of Colbi Caillat.

With a debut album Just Be Honest according to her biography that talented female musician kicks off the proceedings by staring down her demons and admonishing her biggest fears with “Secret,” a retro-R&B influenced song laced with vibrant horns. The young songwriter comes by her fears more honestly than most, battling a serious (and ongoing) illness at age 9 and losing her father at 14. She grew up fast, at first rebelling, then spending several years on a curious solo journey across the country studying philosophy, theology and writing songs. Now in Nashville, she’s readying her 12-song February 5, 2013 release with plenty of industry buzz, receiving compliments from The Lefsetz Letter, M: Music and Musicians, Kings of A&R and more.

Shannon LaBrie – Just Be Honest

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Shannon LaBrie – Remember A Boy

A sweet love song with country taste and flavor. Shannon sings something that will get the listeners moving to the high, soothing, and soulful vocal performance that she delivers. The lyrics to the song about her remembering a boy that was that Romeo of her life and that have changed into a different man. “It’s been a long time I know; I don’t see him ’round here no more. I’m not in love with the man you’ve become, but I remember a boy”. As someone who cannot go a day without listening to music, after listening to the words, vocals, and feeling the emotion shared in the song tears were at the edge of my eyes. This is the power behind music and the power that Shannon LaBrie have as an entertainer who hopefully will continue to climb to success. She is a true talent.


Featured Music Talent Shannon LaBrie Rising To  Stardom

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Skilled in playing the piano and guitar, the singer/songwriter also states that she was raised on James Taylor and Lauren Hill. “I Remember A Boy” is perhaps the song that have gained the most acclamation from the musician; it is backed by soulful guitar tones that hint at Daniel Lanois. Well crafted in lyrics with great demonstrated vocals by the soulful singer.
Music Connection has named her as one of the “Best Unsigned Artists of 2012,” and Labrie will be part of the iTunes Nashville Indie Spotlight including Brooke Waggoner, Matthew Perryman Jones, Katie Herzig and Mindy Smith.”

Listen to Shannon LaBrie

Listen to “Slow Dance” by Shannon LaBrie

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Shannon LaBrie on Kenalsworld

Despite many of Labrie’s hardships, she has managed to find the good side in her infectious song “Love Somebody.” “When I am in my darkest moments of loss, doubt and pain, I am shown what it looks like to love someone and to be loved. My closest friends didn’t run, didn’t give up, and didn’t let me sink. They stuck with me and brought me to the other side. I can only hope to bring that same message to anyone.”

Her biography also states that Labrie’s original song, “You Found Me,” was recorded exclusively as a pivotal song in the movie (and on the soundtrack) for the major motion picture “Make Your Move” out Sept of 2013. She is now out touring to promote “Just be Honest” which released Feb 5, featuring dates at LA’s The Hotel Cafe, Rockwood Music Hall, SXSW Week and performing at the annual NON-COMMvention in May.


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Be sure to follow Shannon online via her website or other social networks to stay updated with new releases by the musicians and new regarding her beautiful tunes.

Website: www.Shannonlabriemusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShannonLaBrie

Twitter: www.twitter.com/shannonlabrie

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/shannonlabrie


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Kenalsworld Featured Music Talent Shannon LaBrie Rising To  Stardom


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Featured Acoustic Music Talent Shannon Rising To Stardom
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