Vintage Clothes Designs by Fashion Designer Terri Buckner

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Vintage Clothes Designs

Terri Buckner designs

Terri Buckner designs

Terri Jen Buckner is a fashion designer based in Papillion, Nebraska and the founder/designer of NueVintage Apparel and Accessories. Prior to living in Nebraska Terri lived in Los Angeles, California.

I attended Omaha’s Bi-annual Omaha Fashion Week the Fall of 2012 and was marveled by her vintage clothes designs, which opened the Tuesday night Avant Garde show in August of 2012. Though I covered the majority of the Omaha Fashion Week for the Blair, Nebraska Enterprise Newspaper hoping to get some of my photographs published with the newspaper I also covered the event to experience the Omaha Fashion Week for the first time and to also add something unique to my portfolio that was not there before.

Shooting the entire week I did not have a press-pass therefore was limited to go behind the scenes to shoot more or even catch the designers for a personal interview, but there is always the next year to catch what I didn’t this year from the same and new designers.

Vintage Clothes Designer

Vintage Clothes Designer Design

Favorite Vintage Clothes Design

This first design worn by Shelbie Lynn Miller is one of my favorites of the vintage dresses designed by Terri. I think it partially have to do with this particular shot that I took of the gorgeous model on stage as she posed for the photographers, press and audience in the front of the runway and then made her way to turn around to head back. Catching her in motion, with the expression she had, and the flow of the dress makes this my favorite shot… It also makes this dress my favorite of the dresses.

Vintage Clothes Designs by Tterri Buckner

Vintage Clothes Designs by Tterri Buckner

Vintage Clothes Designs by Terri Jen Buckner

Terri’s NueVintage designs were spectacular and also somewhat brightly somber. The entire collection that was showcased by the designer at the OFW were all white/cream in color. At first when the show opened I thought the dresses where wedding designs, but they were simply Avant Garde with a dazzled and pure direction in design.
Terri Jen Buckner’s goal is to live green and be Eco-friendly by redesigning clothing and accessories using recycled and reclaimed materials according to her website

Each one of the NueVintage designs are fully original and created with pure love, which can be felt when one gaze at any of the designs live. As a member of the audience I got a chance to witness and feel the love, positive energy, and the light that came from each one of the dresses that graced the runway during the Avant Garde fashion show. Every one of the dresses that were designed are unique and one-of-a-kind because each is designed with different and vintage materials.

NueVintage offer designs resembling styles from the 1940s through the 1980s for sale. With a fresh supply of vintage items for you to choose from, you are certain to find something as unique as you if you are looking for something that is purely Vintage possibly for prom, an extravagant event or even a wedding.

Vintage Clothes Designs

Vintage Clothes Designs For Sale

Terri Jen Buckner’s designs can be purchased at NUEVINTAGE.COM. If you are looking for vintage style clothes that express love, light, and elegance.

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Vintage Clothes Designs In Omaha


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Vintage Clothes Designs by Terri Jen Buckner

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