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Lost Memories inspired by the thought of Alziemers and reduced skill due to the disease. Losing one’s memory can destroy their self-esteem, emotional balance and more. Read the following poem and if you find it inspiring, please be sure to like and share.

Lost Memories

Lost memories left me feeling troubled
Cannot remember how to paint or draw
Once a master at the arts
Now all of my skills are stripped from me and I’m left broken

Lost Memories left me feeling useless
I seek to help others, but fail at every attempt and trial
Like Michael Jordan at his prime, but can’t make a shot
Like Muhammad Ali constantly getting knocked out and down

Lost Memories left me feeling empty
Empty like Stevie Wonder alone with keys and know no notes
All my musical abilities and ears cannot register the sound
All notes sound like audio hieroglyphics unreadable

Lost Memories and learning everything all over
Nuisance to life so I’m learning to love
Learning to develop
Learning to grow


Lost Memories Poem by Kenal


Kenal  Louis

KenalLouis – Blogger, Designer, Poet, Musician

Kenal Louis

I am a poet, songwriter, and blogger among other things. I started writing poetry at the age of 14 because there were a few girls I liked that inspired me to write something sweet like a love poem for them. Poetry like Art is a big part of my life and I am glad to be able to share it with my blog viewers and potentially the world. Poetry like music sometimes can touch one’s soul and expresses a persons thoughts and feelings as much as music does. I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

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