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Elegant, enriched, sophisticated, bright, luxury and simplistic all can be used to describe the designs by a fashion designer Jessica Seeley who I consider among the top fashion designers in the Midwest. Her designs are well constructed and as a man who love when a woman looks stunning in a dress I admire her work from a creative artist point of view. Seeley made a fashion statement literally at the Omaha Fashion Week night of Ready To Wear collections. The dresses truly inspired by Spring stood out and were unforgettable from the fashion bloated week.

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Seeley’s fashion design collection featured at the Ready to Wear show at Omaha Fashion Week in the Spring 2013 show held at Kaneko was lively, strong and gentle as well as pure classy.

Top Fashion Designers | SeeleyDesigns

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Following the fashion filled week I asked Jessica the following questions regarding her line, fashion, art and her overall vision. Setting her eyes on success and her goals she aims for a prolific year in 2013. The designer among rising top fashion designers in the Midwest responded.

In 2013 what drive you as far as inspiration for the creative development of your line?

Inspiration for this years collection came from my love of late summer and early fall…I love the transition of layers and colors just as things start to switch over. And often when I think of this time of year, I think of harvest and the state fairs and carnivals that I use to go to more as a kid. I like to say my collections are vintage inspired with a modern twist.

What is the ultimate goal for you and your designs in 2013 and years to come?

I started free lancing for SeeleyDesigns in March 2010. Every year has been a new level of growth for me and my business as I continue to learn more things. More about myself as well as how to better serve my customers. I would love to eventually have my own studio in which I could also run a small boutique with my items.

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How long have you been designing fashion as well as what additional creative skills do you have? Such as painting, drawing, dancing, singing; basically what is your hidden talent that not a lot of people know much about?

I have been designing my own stuff since I was 10. It started with some pretty interesting sketches that I still have! Growing up, my mom was always making our Halloween costumes and clothes. I also had two great aunts that made clothes for me as well as my dolls’ clothes. Both sides of my family are very artistic, especially my dad’s side, so as you can imagine, my brother and I also were encouraged to express our creative side in art. I mostly like to draw, my favorite mediums being pencil and marker and occasionally charcoal. I was also very active with music when I was younger. I played the flute for three years and was in varsity choir all of high school. I am currently trying to learn the guitar. In college, I learned how to screen print and do other surface design techniques that lead me to create my own fabrics. Basically over-all…I love DIY projects.

Top Fashion Designers

Top Fashion Designers

Top Fashion Designers | Jessica Seeley

Top Fashion Designers | Jessica Seeley

Be sure to follow Jessica Seeley online at the following social networks and websites to stay updated with her latest designs and innovative works in fashion. The models were styles by Kontempo and Gloss Salon in Omaha, Nebraska in their collaboration with SeeleyDesigns for the fashion show.

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Colette L. Meinke, Hair Artistry of Omaha & Columbus, NE 402-981-3709

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Top Fashion Designers In The Midwest | SeeleyDesigns


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