Psy Gentleman Continues Gangnam Style Music Rampage

psy gentleman lyrics

Psy Gentleman  Music Video

Coming from “Gangnam Style” to “Gentleman” the lyrics the songs remain very pop oriented and abstain from emotion. Nevertheless PSY have establish an epic presence world-wide that in just 4 days releasing a music video he have gained over 100 million views and counting. He takes being a megastar beyond the words.

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Psy Gentleman Music Video

Psy Gentleman Lyrics

To continue on about the lyrics to the Korean pop sequel by the musician to “Gangnam Style” I am amazed at his ability and ears to recognize the trendy and uptempo pop sound that moves people. The sense of humor in “Gangnam Style” was much more in the prior video, but “Gentleman” serves it’s purpose as a sequel. I do not believe it was nearly as funny as “Gangnam Style”, but he surely is a humorous character.

I guess the next question would be is this going for another billion view? Well, without a doubt I am sure he will do it even faster. After gaining so many followers and establishing a powerhouse presence online and through the social media. Making appearances at major and international music awards also have gained PSY followers that he would never have gained if it was not for his clever, comic and energetic persona expressed through his music as well as music videos. He have a formula and again have worked his magic.


Psy Gentleman Kpop

psy gentleman

psy gentleman

Psy Gentleman Continues Gangnam Style Music Rampage

Psy’s “Gentleman” continue to make him a commodity and very valuable as an authority and figure in music. Some may argue that this is not the greatest musician, but some will debate on this topic. Regardless, I say that PSY will be remembered not as a one hit wonder but as a legend for shifting social media and showing that a person can create more than one video at have them reach reach one billion views again and again.

Although getting even 100,000 views is difficult as it is already, but 1,000,000,000 is now a possibility to hope for and not a fluke.

Psy Gentleman Korean Pop

psy gentleman video

Psy Gentleman Go For Another Billion Views


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