Photography and Art Creator Draw Model Shot In Summer

Photography and Art

Photography and Art Composed by Kenal

four medium drawings

four medium drawings

Photography and Art By Pierre Louis

Photography and Art I believe are two in the same. Art is a wide, broad and vast field when it comes to being defined. I can remember drawing and creative art since I was 4 years old. That is the earliest I can recall and believe I actually remember drawing my first artwork. My very first artwork was a 2 dimensional box car with plain circles for wheels.

Over the past 17 years most of all of my entire focus fell on art, drawing and advancing yearly in drawing portraits. Instead of drawing Mickey Mouse, Dragon Ball Z characters, and Anime I focused to getting better each year solely on the human portrait.

Photography and Art

These drawings are a series of drawings I actually composed for a final project for my art class of a mode I also shot. I composed one in ink, pencil, charcoal. The model in the image is Lindsey Walters from Omaha, Nebraska. This was the first time I ever drew or composed a drawing of anyone is that repeated fashion.

Photography and Art Project

The Photographer

photography and art

Photography and Art

This is another of the photographs I took of Lindsey. Photography and art should be combine to create only unique photographs. My goal is to find innovative ways to combine the two that may be trendsetting or at least help my work become more recognized.

omaha pencil drawing

Photography and Art – Pencil Drawing

This is the first of the four drawings I did of Lindsey for my final class project for Drawing 2D and Design I.

omaha ink drawing

Photography and Art – Ink Drawing

This next drawing was made all in ink with an abstract background. The background style was inspired by an a pattern drawing on StumbleUpon that had that similar wave design.

omaha charcoal drawing

Photography and Art – Charcoal Drawing

This drawing is all charcoal medium. I started doing the drawing similar to the other and go the eyes and messed up the first time I drew it and ended up trashing the drawing. The second time I drew it I also trashed it, and the third time was the charm because I simply changed the styling of the eyes to a more cartoon feel. I was inspired also for this particular style in charcoal by the cartoon Archie.

omaha pencil and ink drawing

Photography and Art – Pencil and Ink Drawing

This drawing is probably the one I spent the most time on because of the background. It is a combination of pencil contour with a slight shade and an abstract shaded background. The amount of time I spent on this drawing was 9 hours.

Photography and Art Inspirations

Photography and Art

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Photography and Art



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