The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer

The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer Kenal Louis:

Recently I have found myself in a battle between wanting to be a graphic designer full-time or a photographer full-time. Even though I love both types of art forms they both have their pros and cons when it comes to the regards of career choice and option.

I have worked as a freelance graphic designer the past four years and have enjoyed most of it, but at the same time have also found that there are some parts of it I do not like. What could not be good about being a graphic designer?

The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer

Well, doing graphic designer for people over the past year have been fun because it pushed me beyond my comfort zone to develop my creativity because I worked with a wide variety of people. Working with musicians, financial businesses, independent businesses, and other artists expanded my imagination. I also benefited in building a unique and diverse portfolio due to that, but it hit me about one year ago that I could not see myself working as a graphic designer for the remainder of my life. Even if I landed a job paying $60,000 a year.

The Dilemma Of The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer

Why would I not want to be paid $60,000 a year for the remainder of my life designing? It is simple. The answer is “PEOPLE CAN BE TOO COMPLICATED”. Designing for someone gives you less creative-license sometimes and people can be very picky and choose designs that you may find the least of your favorite. While working as a photographer, I am primarily the director of whoever I am shooting because the client or for whoever I may be shooting have put trust in my eye and thought for the work that I produce as a photographer.

This Creates The Battle Of Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer
omaha graphic artist designs

omaha graphic artist designs

Above is a graphic design I did for a hip-hop/rap artist based in South Florida by the name of EZ “Ricky Arenas”. This project the artist gave me a lot of creative freedom and simply told me that they wanted a design that was edgy, clean, professional, and fit the album title and direction Follow The Leader. I instantly thought about Star Trek or Star Wars. Even though the attire the artist had was not necessarily 2097 A.D. material the design with the space concept still came out very well.

I was pleased with the design and still today after 3 years it is still one of my favorite designs that I have composed for someone.

The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer

This next photograph of the model in the Nebraska Corn Huskers Jersey (Katie Corrie) is one of my personal photographs that I shot. I hired Katie and had complete control of how I wanted to shoot her and she was very easy to work with and we created several great shots for this shoot. I was also very pleased with the outcome of this shoot because she brought that beauty and look I envisioned and we made it happen.

In conclusion, Photography vs Graphic Design are two different directions in art even though they have some relations. However, I am finding that I love knowing that I am the photographer that can play a role of a director rather than the graphic designer that have to be patient, understanding and completing malleable to the one that I am designing for. Below is also another one of my graphic compositions and photograph shot.

Therefor the victory is for the The Photographer because of the long-term outlook and authority positioning each diversely have.

The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer


Kenal Louis

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The Photographer Vs The Graphic Designer
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