The Photographer In Love With His Camera

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The Photographer In Love With The Art

swimsuit Shot By The Photographer Pierre Louis

swimsuit Shot By The Photographer Pierre Louis

Kenal is a photographer in love with his camera. From live music to shoot fashion photography. Photographer in love with his camera create great work.

As the photographer and author of the two online design, photography and art websites I do my best to avoid calamity between the visual artwork I create and my photography. I started drawing at the age of 4 and since then I have continued to draw. Every year I made an effort to become better at drawing people and faces. Unlike as lot of people or kids growing up drawing cartoons, characters and figures I stuck to drawing people.

Somehow I think drawing portraits and people led me to having some sort of synchronization with the camera in order to be able to capture people’s features accurately. Below is a drawing I did of Taylor Swift from a reference picture in 2011 and a recent digital drawing I did of Singer Rihanna.

Photographer In Love With Photography and Art

The Photographer That Drew Taylor Swift

taylor swift drawing picture

taylor swift drawing picture

Rihanna sketch drawing

Rihanna sketch drawing

Photographer In Love With Photography Draws

Aside from and before working as the photographer and author of I worked as a graphic designer the past four years. I composed album cover designs for musicians, business cards, flyers, poster designs and much more graphic design works. Some of my graphic design work can be viewed at kenalsworld. Kenalsworld is the company LLC that I formed to work under as a designer, write music and much more. Below are a few of my graphic designs.

Sonya Khan album design Photographer In Love With The Arts

Sonya Khan album design Photographer In Love With The Arts

The Photographer And His Goals

Currently I am a freelance photographer and student studying at one of the community colleges in Omaha, Nebraska. I plan to open a design, art, film and photography studio in the near future. Hopefully in 2013 I can launch and open the studio to create much more limitless creative photography and artwork.

Photographer In Love With Photography Capture Lindsey Walters

Photographer In Love With Photography Capture Lindsey Walters

Introduced Model by The Photographer In Love With Photography

The Photographer With Model

The Photographer With Model

Swimsuit Photo-shoot in Omaha

Model: Lindsey Walters

Shooting this swimsuit shoot with Lindsey Walters, which can be found and hired on Model Mayhem for booking of a shoot if you are looking for a gorgeous model in the Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas region. Her personality is very friendly and she is truly a natural beauty. Generally I spend 45 minutes to 1 hour editing one image, but I nearly spent 5 minutes editing her images.

Lindsey have great skin, a beautiful face, slim figure and follows direction well. I think the camera simply loves her. I like to say my job is simple and that I only push a button, but it is never that easy. I shoot with the most simple Digital and Film Cameras, but I mostly always get the results I am looking for because I am very picky when shooting and do my best to shoot great photos before editing them.


The Photographer In Omaha

Based in Omaha I always seek to create creative images when shooting people. Some of the photographers that influence my work are Irving Penn and Melvin Sokolsky. Two of the most recognized fashion and portrait photographers in the fashion and beauty industry for their standout work. Both photographers have shot for magazines, such as Vogue, Bazaar and more. Shooting for some of those major magazines and knowing that I am the photographer that shot the cover of one or more of their issues would be a highlight of my life.

The Photographer Pierre Louis


Photographer In Love With Photography

Photographer In Love With Photography

The Photographer

Kenal Louis

I am a visual artist, graphic designer, the photographer and blogger of Kenalsworld. I have enjoyed creating art since the age of 4 and continued to pursue a career in graphic design, web development, photography, and more. I compose digital drawings as well as real mediums, such as acrylic, graphite drawings, watercolor, pastel and oil. Art is a big part of my life and I am glad to be able to share it with my blog viewers and potentially the world. Being a photographer is not too far from being an artist because I do my best to capture peoples essence and presence. Everyone have a different personality and a still image can definitely capture that as a moment stopping time itself. I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

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Kenalsworld is a source for quality rising musicians, music reviews, quality art & design services, an online presence that showcase the best talents and more. Creative artists in music, visual arts, photography and performers have been featured on the website for the captivating works they create. Interested in being featured on the blog contact Kenal today. Stay tuned for bigger things to come from Kenalsworld.

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