Belgium Artist Channel Michael Jackson To Stevie Wonder

Belgium Artist Channel Michael Jackson To Stevie Wonder Featured On Kenalsworld

Little Collin is a classically trained singer, musician, composer and songwriter from Brussels, Belgium. He is also the second musician from Belgium to be featured on Kenalsworld for his inspiring and pure sound in music.

Belgium Artist Little Collin

Under his casual and quite seductive manner, this “newcomer” on the music scene actually hides a musical journey that started off quite a while ago.

Having played the piano for pleasure from a very young age and developed a passion for the drums when he was 17, Little Collin is also perfectly happy singing. He studied music at the Antwerp Jazz Studio, then at the Brussels Conservatory. Soon afterwards he has toured with several local artists while recording his own songs in the studio. Little Collin takes his major influences in soul music as well as pop music (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Lenny Kravitz,…)

Belgium Artist : Little Collin
Belgium Artist Channel Michael Jackson To Stevie Wonder

Following listening to “If You Die, I Die” performed by the musicians I could see clearly how the musician was inspired by Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder without ever having to read his biography. The song penned in a way that truly is as emotional as something the great Michael Jackson would have written and easily sung.

My Heart Goes Boom by Little Collin

After listening to the jazzy and funky tune “My Heart Goes Boom” by the incredible Belgium Artist I couldn’t help but to tap my feet as I listen along with groove to the sound. The record is classy and definitely can be easily something featured in the next cinematic love film or romantic comedy. “My Heart Goes Boom” is full of life, joy, love, light and a taste of Stevie Wonder.

Listen to the tune and be sure to download the album by Little Collin on itunes.

little collin album

Belgium Artist Little Collin

In 2012, when he posted on Facebook the link to his song “When you are calling me” written and composed with his friend Thomas, he didn’t really expect to trigger so many enthusiastic reactions…that would lead a few weeks later, by popular demand, to a single release in Belgium where the radios really offered a warm welcome!

Soon after Little Collin went to New York to start the production of his debut EP “When the Heart meets the Soul” which features collaborations with first-class musicians (Gene Lake, Jonathan Maron, The Chops Horns…) on the songs “Little Treasure” and “My Heart goes Boom”. Most of the songs on this EP have been co-arranged by Nicolas Fiszman (also known for his work for Benjamin Biolay, Vanessa Paradis…) and reveal a skillful mix of Pop, Soul, and Jazz including the amazing electro-pop single “Everybody’s doin it” and the moving “If you die, I die” dedicated to his younger sister Milla Brune.

Now it’s time for the world to get to know him better !

Listen and Purchase The Musician’s Music On iTunes

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Belgium Artist Channel Michael Jackson To Stevie Wonder


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Belgium Artist Channel Michael Jackson To Stevie Wonder

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