Poetry In Omaha | Truth From Different Perspectives Part 2

Truth From Different Perspectives

Poetry In Omaha Captured by Kenal

Finding poetry events in Omaha, Nebraska when I first moved to the city was sort of strain. However, over time and attending local creative arts events I met some incredible people along with artists such as Gerard Pefung and recently Bird Williams. These gentlemen in the month of June put together a warm and quality poetry night in Omaha on the 23rd of the month. There was live soul music, an embracing atmosphere, poets and artists all around. Prior to attending the event page created on Facebook by the Carver Bank had roughly 20 guests that said that they would attend, but much more came that night to experience poetry in Omaha hosted by the fine creative minds in Omaha.

About The Hosts Of The Event:

The Carver Bank:
A restoration project led by the Bemis Center For Contemporary arts also have a program where residential artists are selected to bright much light, inspiration and creativity to the North Omaha region in Nebraska.

Gerard Pefung:
Pefung is a visual and aerosol artist who creates these signature paintings which will mostly feature an animal that she views as humble; an elephant.

Bird Williams:
Williams is an also creative visual artist, professional athlete and music producer.

producer and artist

Bird Williams (Left) and Gerard Pefun(Right)

Poetry In Omaha With Creative Talents

The event entitled “Truth From Different Perspectives, Part 2” was a continuation of a showcase presented by The FLIYE . The night featured a party for poets, musicians and actresses to presented some of their most intricate works to a captive audience with their performances.  The featured acts of the night that performed are listed below.

Actress: Denise Chapman
Actor: D. Kev.
Poetess: Nyabingi
Musician: Johnny Lowe
Music Group: Transition
Poet: Michelle Troxclair
Poet & Musician: Felecia Webster

Truth From Different Perspectives

Gerard Perfung Speaking To The Audience

Truth From Different Perspectives

Transition playing mellow tunes as the audience await for the transition of acts.

Truth From Different Perspectives

Truth From Different Perspectives Hosts (Bird Williams)left and (Gerard Pefung) right

Truth From Different Perspectives

Musician Johnny Lowe (Top Left) and poet Michelle Troxclair (Top Righr)

julius ceaser performance

D.Kev performing a monologue from Julius Caesar

Truth From Different Perspectives

J White sings to the crowd

Truth From Different Perspectives

Poetess Nyabingi (Top Left), Felecia Webster (Top Right), Denise Chapman (Bottom Left) and J White (Bottom Right)

To come from a sensual and sexual poetry performance by poetess Byabingi and another souful spoken-word poet Felicia Webster, Denise Chapman abruptly ran into the room with a roaring cry “Wait! Wait!”, which caught everyone’s attention in the room because no one expected her to run to the front of the sitting audience  stage right. She performed this very convincing monologue filled with conviction about her lost love named Carl . Through her facial expressions, gestures and voice control in volume I found the audience latched unto her performance. Even as I held my camera in my hand to take photographs of her performing I did not want to miss her acting something with much belief. She convinced me to pay attention and be part of the moment more than to capture the moment… Nevertheless, I still managed to capture her at a point in time.

Poetry In Omaha | Truth From Different Perspectives Part 2

poetry night omaha
As the night closed to a poetic night I walked away inspired by these local creative artists in Omaha by their poetry, acting and music.
carver bank poetry

The After Partybird williams


Because organizations and companies such as The Flye, Carver Bank, Bemis Center Of Contemporary Arts and Big Mama’s Sandwich Shop the community continues to experience much light in North Omaha.





Poetry In Omaha | Truth From Different Perspectives Part 2


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