A Great Rock Album Pride Theatre by Guilty Is The Bear

A Great Rock Album
A Great Rock Album Pride Theatre by Guilty Is The Bear on Kenalsworld

There are bands you go to see live and not only the venue produces a scary sound that it forces you not to ever step a foot in there again unconsciously, but the bands can sound horrible as well. Guilty Is The Bear is a band that exceeded that bar and provided a great live music experience for me as a newcomer to alternative/indie/folk rock music. The band is made up of talented friends that had a vision to create music together; the band later was established in what is described as a rural Nebraska CollegeĀ  at Concordia University.

Lead vocalist Braun Pacheco met Ian Smith (bass guitar) and pursue a musical vision they sought to birth. The drummer coming from a small town of 24,000 Jarvis (drums) met the band in late 2011 in Lincoln NE, searching for a more diverse musical environment. Officially completing the band was Jim Rhian, a Lincoln native, lead guitarist, keyboard player, and banjo plucker; fresh from the graduating class of 13′.

Guilty Is The Bear Live

Guilty Is The Bear Live Music Photography Captured by Kenal

Pride Theatre by Guilty Is The Bear

Live music photography of the band from Lincoln | Guilty Is the Bear


KW: How long has the band been performing together live?

Pacheco: Guilty is the Bear has been together with its current lineup for 10 months. Kenal Louis you actually caught their first ever performance as a collective group at The Slowdown last November 2012.

KW: What is the next milestone for Guilty Is The Bear?

Pacheco: The goal was to release Guilty is the Bear’s fist full length album and expand their roots beyond the Midwest. The next milestone for Guilty is the Bear is to further progress their sound to the coasts & internationally.

To be the first to catch the band performing at a live venue, which was at Slowdown I am very fortunate because the band have a very bright future together. For all it can be; they could become like the legendary Beatles or U2 in five to fifteen years from now. Again, I enjoy shooting live bands because of the opportunity that comes with meeting these incredible musicians and bands such as Guilty Is The Bear.

A Great Rock Album: Pride Theatre

A Great Rock Album pride threatreRecorded by: GuiltyistheBear
Mixed/Mastered by: Eric Medley
Artwork by: Jeremy Wardlaw
Copyright 2013. All rights reserved

Among my favorite tracks following listening to the full album Pride Theatre twice are below. The album can be purchased for $5.00 to support the band on bandcamp. All four of the records listed below are among my favorite following experiencing the completed music project because of the instrumentation and music direction each song uniquely carry. I am moved each record because they are melancholy, but give you the Rock Blues in some sense with a soothing vocal performance by the lead singer of the band.


  1. “Reset Button”
  2. “You’re Breaking Me”
  3. “Upon The Toms”
  4. “Electrocutionary”

A Great Rock Album Pride Theatre by Guilty Is The Bear

Braun Pacheco Lead Singer Of The Band

Kenalsworld Review A Great Rock Album

Below are more images of the band performing live.

A Great Rock Album pride threatre band

Purchase Pride Threatre Today On Bandcamp

A Great Rock Album Pride Theatre by Guilty Is The Bear

guilty is the bear

Guilty Is The Bear Wallpaper Background Design

Feel free to download the following wallpaper background design for the band. The resolution is 1600×1200 pixels for your desktop, tablet or even iphone. Support this amazing band as Kenalsworld support this rock band.

guilty is the bear wallpaper

Free Guilty Is The Bear wallpaper (1600×1200 pixels)

A Great Rock Album Pride Theatre by Guilty Is The Bear


Be sure to follow the band online.

Site: www.guiltyisthebear.com
Bandcamp: wwww.guiltyisthebear.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GuiltyBear


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A Great Rock Album Pride Theatre
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