Kids Fashion En-lighted by Ruffled Runway Designer Hanash

Kids Fashion by Ruffled Runway

Kids Fashion  by Ruffled Runway Designer Hollie Hanash

Where do I begin?

The Vision of Brook and Nick Hudson

Omaha Fashion Week continues to get bigger and better. The coordination led by producers Brook and Nick Hudson in orchestrating the event is very upscale as well as bring elegance to Omaha in a creative way.  The married couple’s vision for Omaha Fashion Week since it first started has grown to be one of the most exciting events out of the year in the Midwest city Omaha. They are visionaries who spend a lot of effort, time and passion to help others through Omaha Fashion Week by giving them a platform to expose designers from around the region.

What started as a small fashion show only in Omaha, Nebraska has developed to be the 5th largest fashion event in the nation. This is definitely something that has sparked a lot of creativity in the city of Omaha.

The first designer to kick off Omaha Fashion Week was Hollie Hanash of Ruffled Runway, who I had the pleasure to meet last year and have followed since my first time attending Omaha Fashion Week in the Fall of 2012. Hanash carries such a wonderful Spirit of light, love and compassion. I can say this because over the past few months I have chat with Hanash several times at events briefly. I have experienced as well was fortunate to cover her fundraising event this summer “Women, Wine and Fashion” for Friends of Naivasha; a nonprofit organization for children.

The First Kids Fashion Design by Ruffled Runway

kids fashion omaha

The first photograph is of Hanash’s daughter as she strikes her pose on the runway.

Kids Fashion by Ruffled Runway

Kids Fashion In Omaha

Ruffled Runway Design With Color

The designs by Hollie Hanash are all vibrant in color, which is light as well as showcase much of the joyful person that she is. As an artist my works reflect who I am; in the same manner Hanash’s designs are colorful and I believe represents her heart, which is also full of light.

I have yet to collaborate with the designer on a photo-shoot as a photographer, but I am hopeful that somewhere down the line we may collaborate together.

Kids Fashion and Children’s Wear by Ruffled Runway

Kids Fashion childrens wear


Omaha Fashion Week’s Kids Fashion To Children’s Wear

The children’s parents must be proud and enjoy having their beautiful little ones walk for the designer because her supporters are growing vastly as her brand Ruffled Runway continue to make covers of several publications such as the Omaha Fashion Magazine, The World Herald, Momaha  and more.

The opportunity that other major publications, blogs of authority and networks present artists is crucial to one’s success in regards to business. However, although Hanash has achieved a lot of success her journey will only get better as she continues to showcase her work and creative classy as well as fun children’s wear.

hollie hanash designs

Kids Fashion At Omaha Fashion Week

Kids Fashion by Ruffled Runway

Hollie Hanash with her daughter on the runway

Kids Fashion En-lighted by Ruffled Runway Designer Hanash

Below is an excerpt from the fashion event Hanash hosted in the summer of 2013 before she went on the Atlanta Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and More.

“The fashion show went well, it was a very enjoyably time. The event started with the children’s wear worn by some of the cutest future models from Omaha, Nebraska then would lead to the adults fashion attire showcased by local models. I managed to sit down for a brief moment with Hollie Hanash the fashion designer of Ruffled Runway. When I asked her about the near future regarding her plans, she was very optimistic and excited about the many great things that are happening with her brand along with her design line. The consistency and passion to constantly participating or putting on events is part of what keeps her so alive and filled with drive as a fashion designer.”

Read more at “Fashion And Wine Event By Designers In The Midwest

Ruffled runway ‘s Kids Fashion Wear

More information can be found on Hollie Hanash and her brand Ruffled Runway at

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Ruffled Runway byPritschow Photography

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Kids Fashion  by Ruffled Runway

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