Top Vintage Fashion Designer Terri Buckner Delivers Purity

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Top Vintage Fashion Designer On Kenalsworld Terri Buckner

What is Fashion?

This question can  be answered in so many different ways; similar to the subject of art. When someone is asked “what is art?” it is seldom difficult to answer with just Webster’s definition of the word “art”.

Some would say that fashion like art is a way of life and that would be an accurate answer.

Last year when I first started to write about Omaha Fashion Week , the fashion designers as well as fashion in general I learned much by doing some research online to verify the words that I wrote along with the thoughts I developed regarding the subject matter.

I first encountered Terri Buckner’s vintage fashion designs in the Fall of 2012 when she also showcased a different set in collections from the line of designs.

Vintage Fashion Design Show

Top Vintage Fashion Designer: Nuevintage

IMG_3102Buckner creates these designs that are vintage in style as well as express much purity upon first looking at the designs. From the selection of tones, colors, fabrics and materials that she uses to put each dresses together; I have found her fashion design line to always be classy, sweet and pure.

In my post from last year’s show “Vintage Clothes Designs by Fashion Designer Terri Buckner” relating to her design I mentioned that I was marveled by her vintage clothes designs, which opened the Tuesday night Avant Garde show in August of 2012. The same feelings that I had then and now have not changed much, but I am more of a fan of the fashion designer even more than last year’s fall show.

As a creative artist who is inspired to shoot fashion and beauty photography, I am always looking to build a network and relationships with professionals that I can work with as well as collaborate with on certain projects. Fashion is art done through apparel design. Terri Buckner creates beautiful art expressed through her creative vintage fashion design work.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nuevintage’s fashion designer Terri Buckner is one of the top vintage fashion designer’s in Omaha. Being a great artist doesn’t always means that one is the most wealthiest or have the most material out, but the quality in designs that she put together got her a wonderful ovation at the Ready To Wear fashion night at Omaha Fashion week.

Model Micayla Eggert

Vintage Fashion Designer Model

Vintage Fashion Designer Model

Micayla Eggert is one of the models I am growing to know the more I attend fashion events around Omaha, Nebraska. She is a face that is becoming more and more familiar making publications locally and if not already published nationally. She have an angel face with a slightly archaic expression walking on the runway; she is also one of the many models that participated at Omaha Fashion Week representing several designers for the Fall show under Develop Model Management.


Vintage Fashion Model Micyala Eggert

Vintage Fashion Model Micyala Eggert

Model Sidney Dick

Another very gorgeous and young model with a beauty out of this world is Sidney Dick. She also owns the runway with her walk as well as her nearly exotic features. Runway is primarily all about fashion, but when the model representing a designer also carry as much beauty Sidney carries it’s difficult not to praise her for her looks.

Model Sidney Dick

Model Sidney Dick

Kayla Parker Wears Top Vintage Fashion Designer Designs For Fall 2013 OFW

Below is the third featured model Kala Parker who also have strong features and also owns the runway.

Top Vintage Fashion Design model

Top Vintage Fashion Designer At Omaha Fashion Week

Vintage Fashion Designer

Below is an excerpt from the vintage fashion designer’s featured post in 2012.

Terri’s NueVintage designs were spectacular and also somewhat brightly somber. The entire collection that was showcased by the designer at the OFW were all white/cream in color. At first when the show opened I thought the dresses where wedding designs, but they were simply Avant Garde with a dazzled and pure direction in design.
Terri Jen Buckner’s goal is to live green and be Eco-friendly by redesigning clothing and accessories using recycled and reclaimed materials according to her website

Top Vintage Fashion Designer Designs

Top Vintage Fashion Desiner’s Models Styled by Scott Wilson

All of the models were styled by Edge Salon by hair stylist Scott Wilson who is incredible at what he does. I have also had the pleasure to collaborate with Scott A. Wilson on a fashion photoshoot soon to written about. The makeup for each model was also done by local MUA’s Rachael Andersen and Rachel Irika.

Hair Stylist Scott A. Wilson

“Scott A.Wilson” Hair Stylist
Visit Edge Salon to book a time for an event today.

Hair Styled by Scott A. Wilson

Hair Styled by Scott A. Wilson

Be sure to visit and like Scott Wilson’s Facebook page:

1010 S .Main St. Suite #500 -Harvester Building Art Lofts
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503
Phone 402-651-4527 Call Anytime for Appointment!


Terri Jen Buckner’s designs can be purchased at NUEVINTAGE.COM; If there is no listing feel free to use the contact page to contact the incredible fashion designer. If you are looking for vintage style clothes that express love, light, and elegance.

Vintage Clothes Designs by NueVintage Online

Be sure to like Nuevintage on Facebook as well as stay updated with her upcoming projects or designs.

NueVintage on Facebook

NueVintage Website


Top Vintage Fashion Designer Terri Buckner Delivers Purity


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Top Vintage Fashion Designer Teri Buckner Delivers Purity


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