Ready To Wear Fashion Model Haley Hines Rips The Runway

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Omaha Fashion Week Ready To Wear Fashion Model

In the Fall of 2013 the first model to be featured on Kenalsworld from Omaha Fashion week is Haley Hines. I have captured Hines before tearing up the runway at Omaha Fashion Week in the past, but never got a chance to really experience the lively model’s personality and spirit in face to face much. During the past Fall 2013 Omaha Fashion Week event I got a chance to experience her very fun behavior, character and all around beauty.

Although the runway is not a place for smiles, the model certainly have the capability to light up a room with souls by her smile alone. During Omaha Fashion Week Hines walked for two very classy designers. The designers Wayne Vaughn and Caine Westergard were well represented by the beautiful young and tall slender model.

Photo Of Haley Hines Tearing Up The Runway

Ready To Wear Fashion

Ready To Wear Fashion Model Haley Hines Rips Runway

Model Haley Hines Interview with Kenal

I went out to ask the model a few questions regarding her experience at Omaha Fashion Week and she responded humbly with the following. All I can say is Marc Jacobs and Abercrombie contact this young lady.

Kenal: What has been the most enjoyable part of Omaha Fashion Week for you as a model that have represented many designers before on the runway?

– Haley:  Meeting all the new and exciting people. As well as take your first step on the runway, in your garment.

Kenal: What are your future goals regarding fashion, modeling aside from your education?

– Haley: I would to travel as a model, and be an adverts for Marc Jacobs and Abercrombie is my modeling dream.

Kenal: How dramatic is it backstage when all the models are getting prepared? I can’t imagine models arguing backstage, but does it get tense sometimes?

– Haley: Right before you go on the runway is the most dramatic, the volunteers back stage are yelling your designers name, shuffling you into order, and preparing your last-minute hair and makeup touch ups. The models never argue, we’re a big family!

Kenal: Do you feel like a fashion rockstar on the runway?

– Haley: I feel more humbled than a rockstar, I’d say. I feel this sense of pride and honor per say for the designer I’m walking for!!

Kenal: Also if some other fashion weeks across the country were to request you as a model would that be something you are interested in?

– Haley:  Yes! I would love to do other fashion weeks!

The Model In A Caine Westergard Design

Ready To Wear Fashion Model

Designers Represented by Haley Hines

The following design by fashion designer Fella worn by Hines during the Ready To Wear fashion event was inspired by a french concept developed by the designer Wayne Vaughn. As Hines walked up the runway during Omaha Fashion Week she was ready to be dramatic in regards to removing her covering fabric top piece and use it as a veil in motion interacting with the air as well as gravity.

All I can say is that it was surely one of the most dramatic moments at Omaha Fashion Week; if you do not believe my words just take a look at the photographs I captured during the event. .

Ready To Wear Fashion Model Haley Hines

Ready To Wear Fashion Designer

Ready To Wear Fashion Model Haley Hines

Ready To Wear Fashion Model

Ready To Wear Fashion Model Omaha

Ready To Wear Fashion Model Haley Hines Rips The Runway At OFW

From fierce to smiling in her transition during the fashion shows Haley Hines is an actress on the runway. Having the pleasure to meet models like Hines make attending Omaha Fashion Week all the more worth it. I have heard so many horror stories regarding fashion week in other places such as New York, Milan and France. The other photographers in fact that were there in attendance were also very kind. Not sure how hostile it may get 2-5 years from now, but if the welcoming friendly fashion atmosphere is good I may no longer be a photographer in attendance.  However, so far in the past two years it’s been a wonderful experience and event to participate in as a photographer.

I hope to shoot with Haley Hines in the future in a collaborative photoshoot. Keep in eye out for this beautiful young model.

Ready To Wear Model

Ready To Wear Fashion Model For OFW

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Ready To Wear Fashion Model Photos


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