Chicago Pop Rock Musician Fielding Deliver Fresh Sound

Chicago Pop Rock Musician

Chicago Pop Rock Musician

Fielding is one of the many talented musicians I am fortunate to have discovered online though an incredible source for musicians called Music Clout. The sound that Fielding carries as a musician is both past, present and the future. A unique sound fusing Pop and rock together. The songwriting ability of the musician as well as vocals are the reasons why I boast about his sound as well as direction behind his music.

Chicago Pop Rock Musician Fielding:

Chicago Pop Rock Musician

Chicago Pop Rock Musician

As a musician and person that enjoy experiencing different sounds in music I find my critique about songwriting somewhat biased because I have high expectations when it comes to lyrical content in regards to music. The Chicago pop rock music definitely brings top quality lyrics in telling his stories through the use of melody and rhythm.

A Brief Bio About Fielding’s Roots

Fielding is an original act from Chicago, Illinois.  After playing in bands for over ten years,Jordan Fielding has recently launched his solo career.  Music has always been an outlet for him, especially through his teenage years, and Fielding hopes his songs can be the same for others. “My main goal is to provide a connection and reassure people that there is someone else out there who has felt the same way they do.”  While presenting his original music in a solo setting, his performance provides the listener an intimate experience with his music that includes the benefits of a full band sound, all originating from his music talent.

Fielding A Talented Chicago Pop Rock Musician

One of my favorite songs in 2013 from the artist is “String Of Lights” because of the emotional and sweet sound of the song. His sound definitely remind me of a class of industry Rock as well as Pop musicians. Both “String Of Lights” and “Tell Me” performed by the musician are directed towards pain, but are upbeat enough with energy not to be depressing. Some musicians have potential to be stars, but Fielding is not one of those musicians because he is already a star that just needs to top the charts.

“String Of Lights”

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Fielding Chicago Pop Rock Musician Live

Fielding Chicago Pop Rock Musician Live

Chicago Pop Rock Musician Fielding Interview

Thoughts from the musician’s self-entitled album and flawless music project.

Kenal: With your current projects or writing what inspires you to write or compose music?

-Fielding: In my recent project, “Fielding,” I was inspired by the story of my life as a musician.  I spent so many years “trying to make it” that I never realized I was a musician.  I thought I needed a title or label to tell me that I accomplished what I set out to do, but with this project I finally realized I am a musician, no matter what happens.  The album starts with the song, “We are all Musicians,” a realization that life isn’t about reaching a specific point and that every minute is valuable and sacred.  It ends with the song, “Calm After the Storm,” which contains the lyrics, “I gave you the best I can but this one is out of my hands.”  This song is about how I used to think if I could just reach a certain point or control certain things, everything would fall into place.  I finally figured out there is so much I can’t control and I just need to accept that.  Writing this album was one of the most difficult yet fulfilling projects I have ever attempted.

Kenal: Who are some musicians that have helped shaped who you have become as an entertainer? (This can be friends, family or industry musicians)

-Fielding: I’ve had so much help from my good friend and producer, Marc McClusky.  He always pushed me to be a better writer and musician, he never let me settle.  As for industry musicians who helped me, growing up I tried to emulate the voice of Chris Conley from Saves The Day.  When I met him as a teenager I was so inspired to press on.  I know its cliche, but I have to say my family definitely helped me become the musician that I am.  My parents were always willing to let me practice in the basement or give me money to buy me new gear, without them I would not be able to continue pursuing music.

Kenal: What is your next milestone/goal that you have set to achieve that you have not quite yet?

-Fielding: I moved to Chicago five years ago to continue my career in music.  My next milestone would be to play bigger venues in Chicago to bigger crowds.

Chicago Pop Rock Musician

Chicago Pop Rock Musician

“Tell Me” by Fielding

Fielding’s sound remind me of All American Rejects, Owl City, and Never Shout Never all in one. Imagine a baby birthed from all three of those bands/musicians and the sound is Fielding. Along with tell me another record not featured that the artist has that showcase much of his gift in regards to music is entitled “The Worst Of It”. With a classic rockstar persona as well as appearance Fielding is already at the top.

Listen for yourself “Tell Me”.
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Fielding Gory Glory Days

Fielding Gory Glory Days

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