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Gavin Turek is a definition of a  creative artist. According the her website the songstress describes her shows as “Robyn meets Santigold beaming with Tina Turner’s energy”. There is no doubt that everything about this artist is peculiar as well as creatively exotic. She is soul, trance, electronic and disco all in one. Upon first hearing Gavin Turek’s sound I fell in love with her record “Clean Slate”, which is still one of my favorite songs from the musicians recent musical works in 2013 as well as “Suffah”.

The musician is also a sight to see with much natural beauty; I cannot even imagine what her stage presence is like to experience as a fan live.

Electropop Music

The Electropop Music Artist

The talented and beautiful musician’s EP features 3  records that all have the potential to top many international dance charts. The track listing for the EP includes “Suffah”, ” Let Me Go”, and  “Your Turn”. Her style truthfully reconstruct a sound heard in the 80’s to fit what is trance and electronic music in the current day in age.

In a release mentioning by Pitchblend the following statement also described the music project from the artist.

The Break-Up Tape EP is Turek’s concept project demonstrating an artist willing to expand her sound beyond what got her buzzing in the first place. Gavin Turek’s collaborations with TOKiMONSTA (“Little Pleasures,” “Darkest (Dim),” “Clean Slate” and “Foolish”) were moodier meditations, while her efforts with Com Truise (Com Truise vs. Gavin Turek: A (Re)Mix Tape) were down beat and bombasted in bass.

The Break-Up Tape EP release party is set to be held at the Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles on Friday, September 6, 2013.

For Tickets If Living In LA Visit : http://www.foldsilverlake.com/event/346443-gavin-turek-ep-release-party-los-angeles

The Break-Up Tape EP

Electropop Music Artist Gavin Turek

Electropop Music Artist Gavin Turek The Break-Up Tape EP


Kenalsworld Interview With The Electropop Music Artist

Kenal: With your current projects or writing what inspires you to write or compose music?

-Gavin: I think rejection is incredibly inspiring. The mix of emotions it ignites in me, usually makes for a great song. That sounds so morbid but lately I’ve been turning disappointments, whether relational or career centered, into a creative expression. I think it’s better to take that stuff out on your art rather than your finances or your family for example. Right?!

Kenal: Who are some musicians that have helped shaped who you have become as an entertainer? (This can be friends, family or industry musicians)

-Gavin: My family has always been incredibly supportive of my music. My sister was the first person to really encourage my songwriting ability and for me to share the first demos I did on my own. I don’t think I would have pursued music if my family wasn’t so encouraging. Powerful female artists such as Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Feist, Tina Turner, and Debbie Harry have greatly shaped my perception of what it means to be a woman on stage. Each bare their soul in their own unique ways through song. They each express such a beautiful vulnerability and simultaneous strength while performing that I only hope to emulate in my own way.

Kenal: What is your next milestone/goal that you have set to achieve that you have not quite yet?

-Gavin: I have yet to release a cohesive full length album and that has been a dream of mine forever. EPs are great but I feel like an album garners much more respect. God willing I will reach that goal early next year 🙂 I’m working hard to make that happen.

Electropop Music Artist Gavin Turek

Electropop Music Artist

The Talented Electropop Music Artist Gavin Turek

Let Me Go by Gavin Turek

Photos Of the Gifted Electropop Music Artist

Electropop Music Artist Gavin Turek

Electropop Music Artist Blog

TOKiMONSTA ft. Gavin Turek Clean Slate

“Clean Slate” has to be my favorite record from the songstress because of the neo-soul fused sound that she has with a slight trance mix. Her vocal work on the song flow very well with the instrumentation produced to complete the track. Her work alongside TOKiMONSTA was purely a work of art in music. As a visual artist that also create music whenever time permits me to I find what the collaborative musicians did on this audio-visual project for “Clean Slate” to be out of the box, different from what is in majority mainstream today.

The music is so innocent, but somewhat surreal as well as spiritual all in one.

Photographs Courtesy of TIGER TIGER

View more stunning photographed works by this talented photographer who capture the beautiful songstress.www.tigertigerstudio.com

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Electropop Music Artist 

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