Avant Garde Fashion Magnified By Angela Balderston

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Avant Garde Fashion By Angela Balderston On Kenalsworld

As I draw closer to my last few blog posts about some of the Omaha Fashion Week fashion designers, I had to write about one of my favorite designers from the bi-annual showcase of style. Angela Balderston is a visionary, talent and remarkable avant garde fashion designer. Her work is timeless. In the early 1930’s, 40’s or even 50’s I am sure her designs would cause even more noise because of the originality and almost abstract approach to what fashion can be.

Today we live in  a world where fashion is constantly shifting whether a style from ancient times is being recycled or coming back around it can be something well received by viewers or not so well received.  Going back to the fashion full event Omaha Fashion Week, as a creative artist myself I find avant garde fashion to be my favorite genre in fashion because a lot of times it is not conventional and out of the norm.

Fashion Of The Future by Angela Balderston

avant garden fashion designers

Leah Koch avant garde fashion model

Leah Koch Avant Garde Fashion Model Representing Get Plastered!

Avant Garde Fashion

avant garde fashion


Avant Garde Fashion From Omaha Fashion Week

The first fashion week event I attended in Omaha was in the Fall of 2012 and I later connected with Angela on Facebook so this allowed me to follow her work for an entire year before actually meeting the warm-spirited fashion designer. Her work from the collection she completed for the 2013 Fall showcase is ahead of its time. The designs were super edgy, futuristic, abstract and bold altogether.

The models who represented the talented fashion designer also did a great job enduring the process of GET PLASTERED! From the ideas along with concepts for the makeup collaborative between Angela Balderston and O STYLES studio the collection was truly magnified for its vibrant, glamor and futuristic creative direction. The design was more expressive and directed more towards showcasing the art of beauty along with fashion rather than just something fancy to wear.

Avant garde fashion designer Angela Balderston delivered something phenomenal, original and striking leaving an unforgettable moment at Omaha Fashion Week. Truly the Midwest fashion scene and community is growing and it is happening right in Omaha, Nebraska.

avant garde fashion designers

Avant Garde Fashion Magnified By Angela Balderston


Avant Garde Fashion Models

One of the models that represented GET PLASTRED! was Romina Meyer. She is a stylist and also contributed to styling some of the other models through makeup and hair for not only Angela Balderston’s design collection, but also few other designers during the Omaha Fashion Week nights. With much beauty, confidence and expression she captured the audience on the runway wearing the golden design by the fashion designer.

fashion avant garde model

avant garde fashion model

Avant Garde Fashion magnified By Angela Balderston

The method in which Angela creates her designs is through plastering or plastered materials. Casting the figure of the models that will be wearing her designs to fit them perfectly. I have to say with very little to no sewing it is incredible how she creates these remarkable and captivating avant garde fashion designs. Truly she is a master at what she does and she does it very well.


If interested in featuring Angela’s work at a store, online, publication or purchasing one of these designs from her collection contact her at the following email address. Be sure to share and like this article in support of my work and her designs as well. All of the photographs were shot by myself.

Email: angela.balderston@yahoo.com

Styled by O STYLES

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Omaha Fashion Week Get Plastered by Angela Balderston


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Avant Garde Fashion By Angela Balderston

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