Ready To Wear Fashion Designer Westergard Delivers At OFW Fall 13

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Ready To Wear Fashion Designer Caine Westergard

Fashion! Fashion! Read all about it! Innovative, classy, creative and retro fashion are all words that can be used to describe Caine Westergard’s fashion design collection showcased during Omaha Fashion Week’s Fall 2013 event. Her clothing designs were featured during the Ready To Wear night of Omaha Fashion Week.

This past fall event I was able to attend every night of fashion week in Onaha and was fortunate to capture thousands of photographs of the many talented designers that showcased their abilities, talents and original designs at OFW.  Westergard has been featured on Kenalsworld twice before for her collection from the Spring showcase in 2013, which I called “Casual Chic” along with her collaboration with gifted visual artist Jeff Hanson.

Take A Look A The Ready To Wear Fashion Showcased by Westergard

Ready To Wear Fashion Designer 13

Talented Ready To Wear Fashion Designer On Kenalsworld
Ready To Wear Fashion Designer 2013

Models Kami Buchanan (top) and Audie Lipari (bottom) represent Westergard.


Caine Westergard is no stranger to Kenalsworld, but nevertheless I was still hopeful I could feature her on the website a third time along with some thoughts and ideas by the gifted fashion designer from the Midwest. I contacted her regarding the feature with the following questions and these are the thoughts along with words the designer shared with me.

Kenal: What are your plans for next year with your clothing line?

Caine: My plans for the upcoming year are to finish out my senior year at Iowa State University by completing my senior collection and graduating in May 2014. My clothing line will showcase in the Iowa State University Fashion Show and hopefully Omaha Fashion Week again this coming Spring.

Kenal: Any more events in 2013 that people should look forward to seeing your work at?

Caine: My work will be showcased in the Iowa State University Fashion Show held on April 5th 2014 and hopefully Omaha Fashion Week this coming Spring if my classes allow!

Kenal: What was the most intriguing part of the Fall 2013 Omaha Fashion Week for you?

Caine: The most intriguing parts of Fall 2013 Omaha Fashion Week were working with my models and my inspiration. Amelia Earhart and women’s aviation during the 1920’s and 1930’s was the full focus of my collection. Taking my inspiration and creating modern garments based off of my target market as well as each model’s personality was a challenge. I felt that I truly represented Amelia’s adventurous spirit and I was very happy with my collection for Fall 2013 Omaha Fashion Week.

Kenal: Have you ever thought about doing some dramatic Avant Garde designs? If you have done some in the past where can or when will you showcase the designs?

Caine: I have never had the chance to experiment with Avant Garde designs but I would love the challenge! I currently live in a sorority with almost 65 other girls so space for all of my sewing machines, mannequins etc. is somewhat sparse. As I graduate and move into my own apartment, I look forward to being able to set up all of my sewing tools and experimenting with different fashion styles including Avant Garde.

Kenal: Are there any other creative projects in development from you such as visual arts or stores those searching for beautiful dresses and gowns can find your work at?

Caine: Currently my work can be purchased through my Facebook page. I am in the process of working on starting an Etsy account but the best way to contact me is through Facebook or my personal website!

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Ready To Wear Fashion Designer From Omaha Fashion Week

Ready To Wear Fashion Designer

Ready To Wear Fashion Designer Caine Westergard Represented by Haley Hines

Ready To Wear Fashion Designer

The designs represented by the many beautiful models provided by Develop Models Management from Caine Westergard were my favorite set of designs alongside fashion designer Terri Buckner’s vintage fashion  Ready To Wear collection the night of the event.

Styled by Side Street Styles During Omaha Fashion Weeks Fall 2013 Event

Ready To Wear Fashion Designs
Ready To Wear Fashion Designer
Ready To Wear Fashion
Ready To Wear Fashion Designer’s Social Networks


More information can be found about the young and talented fashion designer on her website and social network page on Facebook. Be sure to like her page and visit her site to stay updated with her latest moves along with the Iowa State Fashion Show dates. Support the designer by liking and sharing the article/post as well as contacting her for a custom commissioned design or sales regarding any of the outfits seen on the feature on Kenalsworld.

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Ready To Wear Fashion Designer

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