Fashion Art Prints For Sale by Creative Artist Kenal

Fashion Art Prints For Sale by Kenal
Fashion Art Prints For Sale On Fine Art America

These following pieces were created for print inspired from my first time attending Omaha Fashion Week in Omaha, Nebraska. As a newcomer to photography I purchased my tickets for the first few shows not know what I was going to get into. Fashion met Art on the runway and following with the photographs I captured. The idea of combining a wide range of colors, lines and curves was in my mind for a while at the beginning of the year in 2012. I created several of original artworks for sale in the similar style of line drawing of high heels.

I commenced a series of dripping stilettos and high heels collection of art, which I had no idea would lead to me using the photographs I captured from Omaha Fashion Week as reference to create the pieces.

Fashion Art Prints For Sale

Fashion Art Prints For Sale Online

Fashion Art Prints For Sale

My very first fashion show inspired these pieces and since then I have captured quite a few fashion events around the city of Omaha. One of my many goals is to one day shoot at New York Fashion Week, Orange County Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week along with in France.

As a diverse and multiple medium artist I have several of goals. These goals are just a few of what I actually have on my checklist.

Since I created these abstract representation of the models and designs showcased at the Fall Omaha Fashion Week event many people have shown support by leaving comments on Facebook, liking and sharing the artworks. I also develop quite a few contacts and mutual friend in the fashion scene developing in Omaha.

Colors in many ways represent emotions and sometimes can be used to express what life is. In fashion I wanted the colors to express something dramatic, fun, strong, dominant, and purely original.

Kenal’s Fashion Art Prints For Sale

Fashion Art Prints For Sale

The start of the colorful line art came from the high heels series that I started earlier in 2012 when I was simply trying to work with the colors along with contrast to see which colors worked best with other without having to look at a color wheel. The results came out wonderful and since then I have been creating not only high heels in these styles by also portraits and various types of art.

Fashion Art Prints For Sale With Dripping StilettosFashion Art Prints For Sale

Fashion Art Prints For Sale by Kenal

Purchase The Fashion Art Prints For Sale By Visual Artist Kenal Online

Fashion Art Prints For Sale On Fine Art America

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Fashion Art Prints For Sale On Fine Art America

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