Black And White Fashion Photography Tips By Kenal

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Black And White Fashion Photography Tips by Kenal Louis

Why would anyone want to shoot fashion in black and white photography? Well, the answer to this is simple in my opinion. The black and white fashion photography of the past as well as in present times are timeless. Since I begin shooting in the Summer of 2012 I have shot everything in Black and White for the most part and later converted the photographs to color when I wanted them in color or for a client specifically.

Shooting primarily in black and white for fashion photography or even portraiture allows me to meter correctly and even more precise as a photographer when I do night have a light meter at hand or find situations impossible to meter the subject which I am shooting. In my past research and personal quest for knowledge regarding fashion photography I have often found that some photographers ridicule the thought of using light meters because they are acclaimed and rare have used light meters.

The Model | Jessica Albers

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Black And White Fashion Photography 1


Black And White Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion Photography Tip 1

Shoot in black and white to focus on the exposure rather than the color which can throw you off if using a view finder to double-check the exposure of your shot. (Of course this really only apply to digital photography)

Fashion Photography Tip 2

Shoot in black and white to determine whether your value or grey-scale along with highlights and shadows are precise

Black And White Fashion Photography Tips From Kenal

Black And White Fashion Photography

Background Choice Matters in Black And White Fashion Photography

Lighting in photography is always important in fashion photography I like to create dramatic shadows which are achieved through the placement as well as position of my key light. Having only one light to work with have taught me a lot about how to light my subject in contrast with the background they are being shot on. I often find myself leaning in favor of shooting models in front of white background instead of grey or back because of the gradient effect I get from the white backdrop in relations to the shadows and value produced from the level of the light since the background itself is not lit.

Of course the background color is primarily based on ones own preference there is not specific or only way to shoot fashion photography… If there were direct guidelines there would not be as many creative imagery created throughout the many decades since fashion photography begun.

Black And White Fashion Photography Tips

The reach of creative approach with black and white fashion photography is endless. One’s creativity is the only thing that may limit one from creating something even more remarkable in shooting a fashion photograph black and white.

I have found that I would much rather shoot everything I do with models in black and white, but generally stylists or makeup artists want to see color because that’s how they believe their works will be seen and be more valued. I view things the total opposite way because as a visual artist I grew up as a child not liking color. I did not like color pencils or paint at all, but always enjoyed drawing with a regular graphite pencil to create value and depth in my pencil drawings.

I did not start shooting fashion until the Summer of 2012, but after one year and a few month shooting my eyes opened to a whole new level and with a clear definition/objective relating to where I want to see my photographs being in regards to quality.

Black and White Fashion Photography Tips From Kenal

The Model | Vannesa Figueroa

Black And White Fashion Photography

Kenal’s Black And White Fashion Photography Tips

Black And White Fashion Photography

Finding The Models

I get asked “where do you find all of these models you shoot with?” all of the time. My answer is very simple “from events.” There are potential models all around us because beauty is all around us. Where a person is looking for a male model or a female model the opportunity or potential models are all around. However, through the past year alone I have grown a list of over 30 models I have found to be interested in shooting with me and that I also look forward to possibly shooting with the future.

At first I use Model Mayhem to contact the first three models I shot with upon my first time doing photography, but since then I rarely use the model and creative network because I have met a good amount of pretty women as well as male models that I hope to work with in the future.

Although I have shot many photographs in 2013 in color I am possibly considering shooting everything in Black and White in 2014 because of the timeless feel that it leaves in almost every image captured.  These are the fashion photography tips and thoughts I could offer; I hope it was inspiring to those who read it.

There is no book on how to specifically shoot fashion photography because it varies on what the photographer is looking to accomplish…

One last thing to know is that having an excellent photo-retoucher you work with closely definitely helps.

Black And White Fashion Photography Tips | Omaha Photographer

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Black And White Fashion Photography
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